Jobs Available At World Bank; Courtesy of KENET

Thru an email from the ICT Director – JKUAT Main Campus, Mr. Bonface Mwirigi; courtesy of our partners KENET (Kenya Education Network) invites you for job applications at the World Bank. Find the recruitment drive by World Bank and let your graduate students in Business, Economics, Information Technology and Education know about job openings at the World Bank.
Hope this email finds you well, we would appreciate your support to our Africa Recruitment Drive at the World Bank Group. Kindly share with your students at Kenya Education Network (KENET) our communication’ flyer attached for your reference

“In 2015, the World Bank Group launched a recruitment mission to attract Sub Saharan African professionals to its work force. The initiative was the first of its kind for the institution and resulted in numerous hires into business areas such as Education, Health, Development Economics, Information Technology Systems, Social Urban/Rural & Resilience and Governance. The World Bank Group continues its commitment to hiring Sub-Saharan African professionals and announces its latest recruitment mission to again attract highly qualified Sub-Saharan African professionals who are looking for an exciting career, where their effort will contribute to the institution’s goal of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity.”

We are currently seeking qualified professionals to fill various roles within the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation that may be located in Washington, D.C. or one of our regional offices. Minimum qualifications for entry-level positions include a Master’s degree plus 5 years of relevant professional experience. For mid-career professionals, the minimum requirements are a Master’s degree plus 8 years of relevant professional experience. Ideal candidates for these positions must have a demonstrated capacity for strategic thinking, the ability to conduct dialogue on relevant development policies and priorities, and fluency in English. Fluency or proficiency in other languages, in particular Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, or Russian is preferred.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I you have any questions regarding the Recruitment Mission for African Nationals.

Many thanks and best regards,
Magali Rodrigues Reyes,
Program Coordinator,
Talent Acquisition,
Center of Expertise.

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