Dr. Teckla Muhoro

Teckla Muhoro

Dr. Arch. Teckla Muhoro


Senior Lecturer

Teckla Muhoro is a Lecturer in the Department of Construction Management, School of Architecture and Building Sciences at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). She has lectured in theory and design studio classes and supervised research at the undergraduate level. She holds a B. Arch. (USA); M. Arch. (Belgium) and Doctor of Philosophy in Urban Design. She is a lecturer of the Centre for Urban Studies. She has worked in public and private sector on issues of urban development, human settlements, best practices and partnership building. She has an academic interest in architectural heritage, urban morphology and development.  

She has worked extensively with international organizations on issues of urban development, human settlements, best practices, local leadership, and partnership building.

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