Mombasa 1CUSt equips, critiques, produces, identifies, and innovates around urban issues and aims at:

i.    To provide an intellectual base for interdisciplinary urban-related research at JKUAT, and to promote interdisciplinary research on cities in Africa;
ii.   To partner with policy makers and other urban actors in public and private sector to provide an alternative perspective on dealing with critical urban issues;
iii.  To promote basic and applied research on urban issues on and related to Africa through apparatus like city/urban observatories;
iv.   To develop academic programmes responsive to urbanization and sustainable development at graduate and post-graduate levels
v.    To build and strengthen partnerships and networks of urban scholars, researchers and other actors on urban issues at local, regional and global level;
vi.   To inform and engage the public on urban issues through public discourse, lecture series, seminars etc.
vii.  To produce and publish papers, publications etc. on urban issues.


The Centre for Urban Studies is at the forefront of Training, Research, and Innovation with its knowledge being developed in close cooperation between practitioners and researchers. It is relevant to different disciplines and areas of knowledge, prioritizing interaction between research and practice, and seeks to facilitate critical urban research, policy engagement, and education towards promoting sustainable urban development in and related to the region.  The training and research projects involved are managed by both JKUAT and UN-Habitat.  This approach enables participants to understand and emulate UN-Habitat best practices. In this process, UN-Habitat links JKUAT with universities from developed countries.

Anticipated Outcomes

CUSt is implementing organ at JKUAT of the JKUAT-UN-Habitat MOU. The anticipated outcomes of the Centre are:

i.    Professionals in Urban studies at Master’s and Doctoral levels from the developing world;
ii.   Research output in contemporary urban development issues;
iii.  Collaborations with local, national and international stakeholders on urban issues;
iv.  Publications.
v.Conferences and Seminars

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