Collaborating Institutions Activity
1. UN Habitat ·         Internships

·         Joint Research Activities

·         Engagement in public forums/publications

·         Enhancement of Academic programmes

2. Nairobi City County ·         Internships

·         Joint Research projects

·         Engagement in forums, communications and other activities

3. Regional Centre for Mapping ·         Creation and Sharing of knowledge and information

·         Engagement in forums, communications and other activities

·         Joint Research and networking projects

4. Eco-build Africa Limited ·         Promotion of architectural, planning & urban Development

·         Development of academic fellowships

·         Internships

·         Joint networking activities

5. Builders of Hope ·            Nancy Welsh Fellowship

·          Internships

·            Joint networking activities

6. University of Jyvaskyla, Finland ·            Exchange of Students

·            Staff mobility

·            Joint research projects

·            Development of inter-based education

7. Pharos Architects (K) Ltd. ·            Water conservation Fellowship

·            Waste-water baseline studies

·            Internships

·            Joint networking activities


The collaboration may include consultancy services for clients in the following areas:-

  • Development of urban development plans
  • Areas of Research and collaboration:
    •  Housing and human settlement
    • Crime and safety studies
    • Climate Change studies
    • Heritage and conservation
    • Infrastructure
    • Land use planning
    • Urban redevelopment and renewal
    • Management
    • Urban Design Practice
    • Architecture
    • Environmental planning, assessments and audits

It shall be the responsibility of the Parties to provide all the necessary information for tasks agreed upon and to carry out any other obligations under their respective control to ensue the successful implementation of this collaboration.

CUST undertakes all activities in line with the world best practices and international benchmarks.

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