Centre to Foster EAC Integration through Higher Education

Rev. Nzimbi (Right) is receieved in Arusha Centre by Prof. Mavura

Rev. Benjamin Nzimbi (Right) is receieved in Arusha Centre by Prof. Mavura (PICTURE: Hindzano Ngonyo)

University students at all levels should interact freely irrespective of their academic or economic status as a way of promoting holistic approach to knowledge acquisition.

Introducing the JKUAT Ombudsman, the Retired Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi to the students of the JKUAT – Arusha Centre, Monday 19, 2014, the Director of the Campus Prof. Ward Mavura pointed out that colleges were perfect centers for students to network and establish permanent and beneficial relationships, besides their academic pursuit.

Prof. Mavura said, “Serious acquaintances and good leaders are made and produced in such institutions, depending on how you value each other to establish your networks.”

The Director announced that plans were underway to introduce new courses in the campus as the demand for the University’s courses had become evident, adding, the campus was considered unique as it was the first campus of a public university from another country in the region to be established in Tanzania.

While applauding Prof. Mavura for cultivating conducive learning environment for the students at the campus, Archbishop Nzimbi expressed his satisfaction by the way students related with staff emphasizing that there could not be any better leadership than that which was pegged on servant-hood.

The University Ombudsman was on the second phase familiarization tour of the JKUAT centers and campuses following his appointment earlier this year

Students and staff follow Ombudsman procceedings keenly

Students and staff follow Ombudsman procceedings keenly (PICTURE: Hindzano Ngonyo)


The Ombudsman has so far visited and interacted with staff and students of the University’s campuses, namely; Nairobi CBD, Karen Campus, Westlands Campus, Nakuru, Kisii, Kisumu, Mombasa CBD, Kitale and Kakamega where he has addressed across section of issues such as abuse of power, negative ethnicity, promotions, academic grades among students, job appointment, termination and marginalization; interpersonal disputes and conflict among others.

Arusha Centre was started in March 2011 after certification by the Tanzania Commission for University Education. It has over 350 students. JKUAT has started a similar campus in Kigali, and other four centres in various parts of Africa where its academic programmes are offered. The centres are: Kaduna Polytechnic in Nigeria; Gollis University in Hargeisa, Somaliland; University of Somali in Mogadishu, Somalia; and the University of Savanna in Mogadishu, Somalia.

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