Building Capacity of Young Researchers through Poster Presentation

Brenda presents her findings during the poster presentation session

AFRICA-ai-JAPAN project organized a poster presentation session for the postgraduate research being funded by the project in a bid to build the capacity of the young researchers. The one-day activity was geared towards developing the students’ ability to communicate perceptively and concisely, an important workplace skill.

“We wish to gauge the students’ ability in analyzing and evaluating information, synthesizing ideas and creatively demonstrating their understanding of a topic or the findings of their research,” elucidated AFRICA-ai-JAPAN Chairperson Main Taskforce, Prof. Daniel Sila.

The session saw authors of the 19 poster presentations drawn from Agriculture, Health, Engineering, Build Sciences, Information Technology and Energy, meet and engage informally with interested audience, April 26, 2021, enabling a greater exchange of ideas and networking opportunities among them.

Prof. Sila interacts with Ernest Manson researching on neutralization of cytotoxic effects induced by venom

To most of the postgraduate students, this was the first time they were undertaking a poster presentation with most of them admitting it was an eye-opener that also honed their communications skills.

According to Ariel Buzera, the author of Characterization of Potato Flour as Influenced by Pre-treatment and Drying Method, it was a new experience that gave him the opportunity to interact with fellow peers and supervisors.

“I have been able to put into practice the communication skills I learnt in class and build my confidence and experience,” said Buzera.

A Master’s student in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, Brenda Muriithi, said the presentation helped her present her findings in a forum that allows feedback and was vital in improving her presentation skills.

Postgraduate researchers present their posters

“With this engagement, I hope my peers here will know more about my research and can better discuss it, offer new perspectives and possibly spark up new collaborations and projects,” said Murithi.

To motivate and encourage the young researchers to participate, Prof. Hiroshi Koaze said the session provided a competition platform among the researchers to identify the best poster presentations in the project. He added, AFRICA-ai-JAPAN project plans to hold the poster presentations annually.

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