Bridging the Industry-Academic Gap Through Synergistic Partnership

Bridging the Industry-Academic Gap Through Synergistic Partnership

The Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences organized a Final Year Project Pitching Presentation to foster the development of holistic students. Running under the theme; ‘Mind the Gap: Bridging Theory and Practice,’ the event aimed at weaving together academic knowledge and real-world applications.

The presentations cut across various thematic areas and students showcased projects that not only demonstrated academic prowess but also exemplified  ability to translate theoretical concepts into tangible solutions.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, November 24, 2023, Dean of the School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, Prof. Anthony Waititu, expressed the significance of the platform as a means for the community to witness students’ exceptional work.

He stated that the platform provides a valuable platform for students to learn from the industry. Prof. Waititu revealed that plans are underway to establish this event as an annual occurrence.

“The Industry-Academia partnership has proven to be a catalyst for transformative education. Witnessing interdisciplinary collaborations and tangible outcomes, it’s evident that this approach blurs the lines between theory and practice. We are therefore committed to make this initiative an annual event,” said Prof. Waititu.

Prof. Achia shares his insights during the event

Prof. Thomas Achia from Center for Disease Control, urged students to seize the full potential of the event, emphasizing its significance as a platform with potential funders for their research endeavors or prospective employers.

He commended the University for providing students with a valuable opportunity to hone their skills in professionally presenting their research. Prof. Achia expressed his deep impression with the student projects, noting that they were exceptionally well-thought-out and showcased the students’ dedication to academic excellence and practical application.

The research project titled ‘Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning Models in Early Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder among Toddlers in Kenya, was declared the winner.

Conducted and presented by Chricencia Winny Odhach, Austin Omondi, Charles Maina, and Kevin Kibet, the project showcased a comprehensive exploration of machine learning applications for early autism detection in toddlers in the Kenyan context.

The fusion of academic rigor with industry experience resulted in research outcomes that resonated in both realms, further blurring the lines between theory and practice. The partnership attracted external support, transforming the school into a hub for innovative projects and funding opportunities.

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