Botanical Garden

The establishment of a Botanical Garden and Ecology Observation Station project is part of the Sino-African Joint Research Project on Biodiversity Conservation studies in the East African Flora. The aim of the project is foster biodiversity conservation research talent in African countries.

The Botanical Garden and Ecology Observation Station will include laboratories for plant ecology, plant systematics and evolutionary biology, and plant molecular biology. There will also be a herbarium and administration offices. Conference room and accommodation facilities will be provided for visiting students and scholars.

The project will be used for training in order to build capacity of Kenyan scientists and technicians and other people involved in biodiversity research for biodiversity research among. It will also support plant collections in Kenya and the rest of East Africa with a view to documenting the Flora of the region and for preservation and bulking of germplasm of endangered plants in the East African flora.
The project will contribute to the national heritage and culture by increasing the number of conservation programmes of endangered species which is prioritized in Vision 2030.