Biochemistry Department Bids Farewell to Final Year Students

Prof. Magoma gives career tips to the students

Jomo Kenyatta University Biochemical Society in partnership with Biochemistry Alumni on Thursday, November 18, 2021, conducted a mentorship programme for students who are on the brink of graduation.

 The mentorship forum was aimed at equipping students with important life skills employers look for in university graduates.

Speaking during the forum, Chairman, Department of Biochemistry, Prof. John Kinyua said the forum is a deliberate effort to respond to the needs of the industry.

Although resources will continue to be in short supply, Prof. Kinyua remained optimistic that the graduating lot had been trained to quickly react and grab the scarce opportunities that may present themselves to the students at any point in time.

 Dean, School of Biomedical Sciences, Prof. Daniel Kariuki was full of praise for the founding members of the various departments in his School saying they laid down a foundation that had set up the school for success.

Prof. Kariuki urged the students to network vastly, explaining that, “recommendations had become as important as university certificates.”

He challenged the students to evaluate themselves and make an honest self-assessment, adding that employers want leaders and resource driven individuals.

A section of students follow the proceedings

On his part, Director, Pan African University Institute for Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation (PAUSTI), Prof. Gabriel Magoma, urged the students “not to let whatever you have been taught be in vain”.

He warned that failure to keep practicing what they have been taught in campus will make them illiterate graduates.

Prof. Mgoma advised the students to be independent thinkers so as to have a clear vision of what they want to do rather than depend solely on the advice of their peers.

Ann Kanana, one of the students from the graduating class, lauded the mentorship programme saying it was an eye-opening experience that will help them transition smoothly into the work environment and other personal ventures.

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