Biochemical Society to Host “Match Mentor – STEM Edition” Event

Biochemistry students after meeting the Arena Kenya to plan on the preparations for upcoming event on Saturday, July, 14, 2018.

It is all systems go for the Jomo Kenyatta University Biochemical Society (JKUBS) which is set to host a students’ mentorship event on Saturday, July 14, 2018 at JKUAT Main Campus. The event christened: “Match Mentor – STEM Edition,” running under the theme: “STEM in Practice: Crossing the Bridge to Your Career and Self-development,” is organized by JKUBS in partnership with Arena Kenya and the Society of Engineering Students (SES) at JKUAT.

The Chairperson of JKUBS, Ms. Stacey Nandasaba, a Third year undergraduate student pursuing Industrial Biotechnology, says JKUBS is a non-profitable society that seeks to help Biochemistry students to identify their paths in life, lead a responsible social life and build their careers on a solid personal character.

JKUBS is able to implement the programme through a pool of mentors drawn from different fields which stretch beyond the field of Biochemistry, but also passionate to engage university students on various thematic areas.

Through the support of the Patron, Dr. Stephen Gerr Nyanjom, who is also the Chairman, Department of Biochemistry, the organizers of the event say they are ready for the big day.

Students engage  discussions at the Students’ free wifi zone at JKUAT Main Campus.

The event, The Match Mentor, STEM Edition, according to Ms. Nandasaba “will provide a platform for students to connect with mentors from different fields; learn about STEM and its practice in Kenya as well as available career opportunities.

Other areas are: how one can identify their niche within the STEM; how to balance between career and one’s passion as well as knowledge on different aspects of living a better life in campus and outside.

“Most of the time our career paths are determined by someone else. Our parents or how fancy the name of the course is. It reaches a point we don’t know why we studied a certain course. This event will help students to tackle such issues and focus on what they want in their chosen paths and how to work to achieve their goals,” says Nandasaba.

Mentors will explain their experiences and inspire students to understand there is life after Campus, balance between personal interests / hobbies and the career choices.  Other life issues affecting students like money management, taking chances, living your full life are some of the areas that will be explored.

Social media training: Students from School of Biomedical Science and Technical University of Kenya undergo training on how to handle their social media accounts in a previous event at JKUAT, SCC 100.

Activities lined up for the day include: Panel discussion: STEM in practice in Kenya and Africa; Skills presentation by the mentors; branding/finding your niche in STEM; Group session and activities/tasks; Speed mentoring and Self-development.

Students from any field relating to STEM, those outside STEM different Schools and Departments and other universities are expected to participate, and will help them  debunk certain myths, around STEM and be rejuvenated and believe in what they’re pursuing.

JKUBS believes  job opportunities are available in careers the members have chosen to pursue and they need to strike a life and career balance to prosper.

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