Be Courageous in your Pursuits, Varsity Staff Urged

Staff take part in the praise and worship session during the service.

The university fraternity has been exhorted to pursue their goals with bravery and seek God’s help in their endeavors. This, they were urged, is the most reliable approach to ensure that everything goes to plan and is safeguarded by the highest power.

“As long as God is by your side, you are well and able to achieve anything you set your mind to. Be courageous, and invoke God’s presence in the battles of your lives,” said Rev. Frank Kirugara from the Christian Church International (CCI) Church, Juja.

Rev. Frank spoke during the beginning of year staff prayer service held on Friday, March 8, 2024 christened ‘Be strong and courageous’ Joshua 1:7. The annual event is organized by the JKUAT Chaplaincy to consecrate the university to the Lord.

Rev. Kirugara’s sermon which centered on the biblical account of Joshua’s bravery, stressed the need of paying close attention to God’s instructions and obeying them, to study his word diligently, and to have complete faith in his power.

“God expects us to have steadfast confidence in his promises and follow His instructions in our everyday actions. Joshua’s narrative teaches us that standing in support of God can be a big sacrifice, but it can also be a defining point in our prosperity,” observed Rev. Kirugara.

He also identified four crucial areas in which the congregants could cultivate courage in their lives:

Rev. Frank Kirugara from the Christian Church International (CCI) Church delivers his sermon.

courage in God and the battles of life, self-leadership and responsibility entrusted upon us.

Rev. Kirugara also stated that attitude is an important factor in determining how others assess you, encouraging congregants to display and radiate a happy attitude in all they do since it would benefit their lives and professions in general.

While acknowledging the value of prayer in our everyday lives, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance, Prof. Bernard Ikua acknowledged God’s stewardship of the University, noting that, “His grace has been sufficient to elevate the fraternity to even greater heights.” He congratulated the university for making time to seek God’s presence in an act that will safeguard the community and foster its growth.

“Let us be a God-centered institution, and we shall undoubtedly experience God’s never-ending grace. Let us serve in God’s name and share his love with our colleagues and families,” said Prof. Ikua.

Catholic community choir.

Speaking on the significance of national cohesion, Isaac Wambua, a member of the National Cohesion and Values Committee, said it is vital for a nation with the necessary supporting values that provide a suitable atmosphere for institutions to expand progressively.

“Through our committee, we develop forums that will give an environment that will induce a sense of optimism and belonging, thereby creating a nice, orderly and cohesive community,” stated Mr. Wambua.

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