Architecture Students Advised on the Dynamics of Job Market

Arch. Leila making her presentation

The Department of Architecture at JKUAT convened a mentorship event for their students in a bid to encourage them to be more creative in the type of designs they came up with as it would be crucial in both their academic and career growth.

The event which was held on Wednesday 13, October 2021 at Juja main campus saw staff and students interact with officials from Diba Tensile Architecture, a company based in Tehran in Iran.

Speaking during the event, Architect Leila Araghian, one of the company directors, advised students to come up with unique designs that would endear them to prospective employers. She emphasized the importance of gaining practical skills in projects noting it would be instrumental in developing their architectural career.

“Unique projects will not only allow you to design and build in a real public space but also give you a chance to add something impressive to your CV,” said Arch. Leila, adding, “Your design portfolio will be the strongest tool you have to showcase your ability to employers.”

She urged the students to register with professional bodies as it would benefit them when looking for opportunities like attachments, career talks and industrial visits, among others. Arch. Leila revealed to the participants that her company also offered placements in the industry.

“Although accreditation might not be the most exciting part of becoming an architect, it is one of the most important,” acknowledged Arch. Leila. “Like many professions, registration with an accrediting body is one of the final steps on the journey to becoming a qualified professional,” she added.

On his part, Arch. Nadi Hashim, Chair, Architecture Department, congratulated the officials from Diba Tensile for the commendable architectural designs they displayed.

A section of students  follow the presentation.

He further thanked the company for declaring the availability of students’ attachment and internship opportunities.

In his remarks, on behalf of the students, the Architecture Students Association’s Presidents Mr. Jerome Kimani thanked the company officials for the informative talk as well as the management for organizing the forum. He urged them to create more of such events in future as they broadened their understanding of the dynamics of the professional world.

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