International Students Experiences

Welcome to the international students section. Here you will find information about international students at JKUAT. Use the links provided to access information of interest.

JKUAT boasts of a large population of international students who enrich our cultural diversity. The number is growing steadily and it is expected that the number will exceed 500 following measures instituted to enhance recruitment and support of the international students.

2014  International Students long trip to Samburu

Some of the International Students on a trip to Samburu, 2014

The Alumni & International Students Office (ALISO)  organizes a long trip for all the international students at JKUAT every year. In 2014, the long trip (three nights out) was in Samburu, Kenya.

The purpose of such trips is to give the international students a chance to sample the beautiful landscape and wild life that Kenya has to offer and also for international students to meet and know each other and bond for their cohesive co-existence and stay as they pursue their studies and internships at JKUAT.

Many thanks to the University and the international students for making this a success!.

Requirements for Pupil’s Pass Application for all our international students

  1. Dully filled pupils pass application form (Form 30), signed and stamped by the institution
  2. Cover letter from the institution
  3. Commitment letter from the sponsor
  4. Proof of funds for self sponsored students
  5. Valid copy of National Passport
  6. Two passport photos of the applicant
  7. Copies of previous academic certificates
  8. Ksh. 5000 per year application fee

New International Students

Every year, the University receives new international students who join the already high number of international students at JKUAT. Currently, the University has over 400 international students spread across  all its campuses.
ALISO wishes all the international students the very best as they pursue their courses.

Comments from some of our past  international students:

Far away from home I met wonderful people, tasted interesting food and experienced physics from a different point of view.

On the cultural and social level these two semesters in JKUAT have taught me a lot. To find new friends in Kenya is not difficult since people are very open minded.

In Physics my most important experience has been a research project on new solar energy concepts. Which place can be better for that than in Kenya?”

Bjorn Witt on Exchange from Germany, Albert-Ludwig University Freiburg, B.Sc. Physics Fourth Year


“JKUAT staff are committed and supportive. Interaction with Kenyan colleagues has been good…I have also learnt Kiswahili.”

Kauma M. Chinamale from Malawi, M.Sc. Horticulture Second Year


“I appreciate the care given by lecturers and students. Masters and doctoral students are well trained. I would like to have more field work and travel in diverse parts of Kenya.”

Rurangwa Edward from Rwanda, M.Sc. Horticulture Second Year

“I learnt about JKUAT as a center of excellence…from a colleague while studying in Makerere University. I enrolled and graduated with a degree in M.Sc. Horticulture, JKUAT.

I am now pursuing a doctor of science in horticulture. The University is well equipped and staff highly qualified. The University fraternity is easy to get along with.”

Wanyama David from Uganda, Ph.D Horticulture