International Students

International students in JKUAT are drawn from those in long term academic programs and those in short term academic exchanges. The number of students and staff in these two categories have increased in past 10 years. The increase is attributed to rise in number of

Some of the International Students on a trip to Samburu

international collaborations, rise in the number of research project partnerships among academic staff. Currently, the following programs have annual exchanges with JKUAT students

  • IAESTE (International Association of Exchange for Students on Technical Experience) gives students International exposure – hands on training in relation to the field of study.
  • AIESEC exchange programme helps student interact in other fields and leadership
  • The IVEY school of business from Canada International students
  • The Berlin Nairobi exchange for Physics students,
  • Flensburg University exchange with IT department
  • Okayama University, Faculty of Agriculture
  • Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, CoETEC
  • Yamagata University, CoHRED
  • Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA), Agriculture
  • Warsaw University, CoETEC
  • Richard Ivey School of Business, CoHRED
  • HORTINLEA, Agriculture
  • Global Food Net, Agriculture
  • Eritrean National Board of Higher Education, IBR
  • Kyoto University, BEED
  • Tsukuba University, BEED

Why choose JKUAT as a study abroad destination?

  • Admission process of International students through the International Students’ Guide.
  • Many interactive activities among International Students to improve integration into the university
  • Good relationship with tourist sites which always give the foreign students fare student rates on request
  • Rise in the number of JKUAT students going for exchange programs abroad through Africa AI Japan, IAESTE, AIESEC and among other programs
  • International students represented in the the students council JKUSA
  • Pick up from the airport.
  • Assistance with immigration issues
  • An engage Alumni pool leading in various sectors in the economy locally and internationally