What is the procedure of certifying my transcripts/Certificates?


  • Bring your original Certificate and copies of each
  • Pay a 100 Kshs/Approximately 1 Dollar for Transcripts and Certificates.
  • Go to the Examinations office at Common Lecture Building (CLB) for certification.

What do I need to do  to if my transcripts got lost and I need to replace them?


  • Acquire a Police Abstract stating that you lost your Transcript.
  • Pay a 200Kshs/Approximately 2 Dollars at the JKUAT Main Finance office.
  • Take the receipts to your respective Department/School/College and fill the transcript request form.
  • Follow up with your Department/School/College for feedback on it’s status.

What is the procedure of replacing a lost Certificate?

  1. JKUAT does not reproduce a lost certificate however, they write a letter stating that you got the certificate after verification of the same. Through the Examinations office, the letter states that you acquired a Certificate from JKUAT with all the details and qualifications.
  2. You are however required to pay 500/- at the JKUAT Finance for the letter.
  3. Bring with you a Police abstract of the same.
    For more details, Kindly e-mail Registrar Examinations through:

What does the Alumni and International Students’ Office (ALISO) do for JKUAT ALUMNI?


  • The JKUAT ALISO serves as the link between the JKUAT Alumni Association and the JKUAT University.
  • It facilitates any Alumni related programs in the university among others, Click here to view other functions of ALISO to the Alumni.

What are the benefits of being a JKUAT Alumni Member?

Why do I have to pay to be a JKUAT Alumni Member?

Is there any way I can be involved as JKUAT ALUMNI?


For Questions concerning the Alumni, we recommend you visit the Alumni website

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