Alumni to mentor 1000 primary school kids with their initiative

Addressing students at the Assembly Hall

Mr. Macharia addressing students at the JKUAT assembly Hall CAREER FAIR 2016

Dennis Macharia

Dennis Macharia at the JKUAT CAREER FAIR 2016

A 25 years old School of Mathematical Science graduate, Mr. Denis Macharia from College of Pure and Applied Science (COPAS) was recently honoured to deliver a speech to the Students at the corporate event of the year in JKUAT Main Campus, dubbed ‘Career Fair 2016’ whose theme was “Unveiling a world of opportunity.”

Mr. Macharia’s speech was based on how young people should create opportunities no matter how small they think they are.

He explained that the creation of opportunity should be inspired by infusing one’s passion with what they are currently pursuing at the university. His question to the students in attendance was, “Can you to bring them (passion and the course one is pursuing) together and earn a living?”

Mr. Macharia’s testimony on the love of numbers in Mathematics as a profession and a mathematics graduate depicted that the more time he spends doing mathematics, the more he gets excited and more satisfied with what he was doing and would want to do more and more of it.

“Don’t make money the goal, instead pursue the things you love doing and do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you. All other tangible rewards will come as a result.” Mr. Macharia stated.

“It’s through doing the things we love that we do good to serve the purpose of our humanity existence on the planet earth, it’s the rent we pay.’’ he added.

He also mentioned that together with other two JKUAT graduates from School of Mathematical Science, have come up with an initiative called “Hesabu Kwa Wote’ where they are mentoring 1000 primary school kids. The initiative supports 1000 primary kids through individual performance evaluation, stationary and school uniform donation and hosts free Mathematics tutoring for high school.
“With great mentor ship in Mathematics from Prof. S. M Uppal and Manu Chandaria I find no reason why I cannot give back to the society that has made me who I am at the moment, It’s the least we can do to give back.” Mr. Macharia said as he concluded his speech.

He also said that he wishes and hopes that the initiative grows big that it will allow them to open a Mathematics centre where ‘all is maths’ in honor of Prof. Surindar Mohan Uppal who inspired them a lot during their mathematics lectures in their final year in campus and also has a mathematics centre named after him.

“We Value our Alumni”


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