Alumni Fee Payment

We wish to bring to the attention of our Alumni and the new  and prospective graduands that the University policy requires all graduands at all levels, Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate to pay the Graduation fees inclusive of the Alumni fee EVERY TIME they complete their courses from JKUAT.
Kindly, note this and conform to the requirement since one has to renew their Alumni membership for every NEW qualification they acquire from the University. It is not a one-off payment.
Thank you.
We value our Alumni!

6 thoughts on “Alumni Fee Payment

  1. Am just concerned why the alumni fee should be too high! It should be a reasonable fee afterol. 1100 is way too up and i also think for different entry levels should be a set fee same way to registration fees.

  2. Director of the Board

    Being a JKUAT Alumni I would like to purchase PhD graduation gown for my use and custody from JKUAT. Advise on how I can acquire one.

    Tsanuo, M.K. (PhD)

    • Hi Prof. Muniru, thank you for your query.
      I this is just to notify you that the director ALISO will get back to you via your e-mail address *********
      Thank you very much.

      ‘We Value Our Alumni’


  3. why is this fee mandatory and on the same what is the value add that it brings to me. who accounts for this money? who oversights its collection and use? am just curious

    thank you

    • Thank you for your query Mr. Otieno.
      We acknowledge receipt and have forwarded to the director to address you as soon as possible.
      Else for any other query, e-mail us at
      We appreciate your comment.

      ‘We Value our Alumni’