Alumni Functions

Core functions of ALISO

Alumni Matters

To create and maintain an updated alumni database,
To provide a link between the alumni Association and the university,
To sensitize and create awareness among the alumni and students about the alumni Association and its activities,
To plan for and facilitate the implementation of alumni activities,
To reach out to alumni outside Kenya and involve them in the alumni association’s activities,
To facilitate the involvement of alumni in the university activities and development plans,
To foster collaboration with other alumni in institutions of higher learning and other organizations,

To establish benefits scheme for members and recognition systems for outstanding alumni.

International Students Matters

To introduce, recommend and recruit prospective international students
To assist international students in preparing for their admission
To represent fairly and accurately JKUAT in general, programs regulations fees and academic facilities to international students
To encourage and facilitate student exchange programs
To advise students on accommodation and recreation facilities
From time to time establish the number of international students at the university
Identify the challenges faced by the international students at JKUAT and the country
Prepare information package for use by foreign students to enable their easy integration
Monitor and devise any other ways of supporting the foreign students.

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