Administration Division


The Administration Division was initially Administration, Planning and Development (APD) until October, 2014 when restructuring was done to the current Administration Division with some functions being taken over by Finance Division.
History of the Principals and Deputy Vice Chancellor’s in Administration Division
The following are the Principals and Deputy Vice Chancellor who have headed the Division during the various periods to date:-

  1. Dr. Josephat K. Yego (Deputy Principal) – 1989 – 1994
  2. Prof. Wilson K. Kipngeno (Deputy Vice Chancellor) – 1995 – 1997
  3. Prof. Fredrick N. Onyango (Deputy Vice Chancellor) – 1997 – 2004
  4. Prof. Stephen N. Agong (Deputy Vice Chancellor) – 2004 – 2006
  5. Prof. Francis Njeruh (Deputy Vice Chancellor ) – 2006 – 2013
  6. Prof. Victoria W. Ngumi (Deputy Vice Chancellor) – 2014 to 2018
  7. Prof. (ENG), Bernard W. Ikua (Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor) – 2018 to date


Specific Functions of the Division

The Division is charged with specific functions which include recruitment and training of staff; promotions and discipline; personnel, registry and planning as well as overseeing the University Management System (both quality and Environmental System) and the provision of health services. Other functions of the Division are catering and accommodation, printing services, tailoring and transport services.

The Administration Division is composed of the following Departments.
1. Human Resources
2. Transport Department
3. University Printing and Publishing Press
4. The Hospital
5. Departments of Central Services
6. Halls of Residence
7. Catering Department
8. Tailoring Department
9. Planning

1. Department of Human Resource
The Department of Human Resource previously referred as Personnel Recruitment and Training was established following a Human Resource Audit Conducted in
March, 2009. The role of the Department is to attract, develop and retain Human Resource in line with the University’s Strategic Plan.
The Department also ensures good industrial relations, conducive work environment and advises the University Management on Human Resource best practices within the legal framework.
The Department has four (4) functional Sections; Recruitment, Staff Welfare, Training and Central Registry.

2. Transport Department
Transport Department was established in 2009 with the mandate to manage University fleet of vehicles currently totalling 54 vehicles at the Main Campus and other Campuses and centres. The Department also oversees the acquisition of new vehicles, and their maintenance.

3. JKUAT Health Services
The JKUAT Health Services Department is a support Department mandated to provide diagnostic, curative, preventive and promotional health services to the University Staff, their dependants and the surrounding community.
The hospital also offers other services including; immunization, maternal/child health care, orthopaedic, occupational therapy, counselling and the provision of TP and HIV/AIDS services. These services are mainly offered through the (50) bed capacity level four (4) hospital with male, female and children’s wards for inpatients.

4. University Printing and Publishing Press
The University Printing and Publishing Press, formally Printery, was established in 1982 with the mandate of providing photocopying services to then, Jomo Kenyatta College of Agriculture and Technology (JKCAT).
Due to the rapid University expansion, the Departments has assumed additional official roles of printing, publishing, designing, binding and lamination services; that have also been extended to clientele outside the University community at competitive rates. These services include printing of books, journals, conference proceeding and training manuals in addition to undertaking printing of general stationeries.

5. Central Services
The Departments of Central Services was established in 1989 its main duties includes, coordination; of imported equipment for the University, utilities, staff housing allocation, industrial attachment, work study programmes for students. The Department also coordinates the approvals for payment of commuting allowances for staff.

6. Halls of Residence
The Departments has a mandate to provide quality accommodation services to both local, international students and guests. The section was established under catering and accommodation Departments in 1981 in collaboration with JICA and had four (4) hostels with a bed capacity of five hundred and seventy six (576).
Due to the growth of the institution, the accommodation section became a Department of its own in 1993. It has expanded tremendously to seven (7) hostels and the demand for accommodation has greatly increased. So far the Department accommodates two thousand seven hundred (2,700) students. Besides the seven (7) hostels, the Departments has eight (8) guest houses which are fully furnished.
Plans are underway to construct additional hostels to meet the rising demand.

7. Catering Department
Catering and Housekeeping Department started in May 1981 as one Department with mandate to accommodate and provide food and laundry services to students and staff. Initially it had one student dining hall and one staff dining hall. In 1993 Catering and housekeeping were separated. Catering Departments acquired the current staff Cafeteria, Candle in the wind dining hall, and expanded to new science complex Cafeteria. Catering services are also available in JKUAT Karen and Westlands Campuses.

8. Tailoring Department
The Tailoring Unit was established in 1992 and the purpose of the Unit was to deliver Tailoring Services to the University Community and reduce expenditure on staff uniforms.
The functions of the Unit includes: to provide quality and timely tailoring and design services to the entire community and campuses, Making of staff uniforms/protective clothing, Upholstery, Curtains for offices, labs, Halls of Residence, Catering etc, Provision of general repair services and Decorations during special University occasions.
Plans are underway to modernize the unit to meet the increasing demands of the internal customers.

Currently, under the leadership of Prof. (ENG), Bernard W. Ikua, the Division aspires to be the best Division in the University in providing critical services towards the achievement of JKUAT Vision and Mission.