Nairobi County Technical Subject Teachers Hold a One Day Workshop at Our Lady Of Mercy Secondary School

Nairobi County organized a one day workshop on 17th February 2012 at our Lady of Mercy secondary school (South B)  focusing on  “The Role of Technical Subjects Teachers in Enhancing Peace and National Unit Towards Realization of Kenya Vision 2030”. The workshop was for all secondary school teachers in Nairobi County who teach technical subjects in areas of Agriculture, Computer, Metal work, Drawing and Design, Power Mechanics, Electricity, Building and Construction, Woodwork and Art. The aim of the workshop was to invigorate technical subjects teachers in their teaching so as to motivate the students taking technical subjects to translate theory into real innovations with economic value and promote peace and National unity towards realization of Kenya Vision 2030.

Emphasizing  on the importance of technical subjects teachers in  schools was Mr. Daniel Maanzo the Commerce Secretary, Mr. L. O. Mulamu, and Dr. D. Busiega, both from JKUAT, who were in attendance. It was made clear that the country’s Vision 2030 might become a pipe dream if the policy makers continued handling technical subjects with lack of urgency. Technical subjects prepare students on how to become innovators at an early stage.No country can develop without embracing the teaching of technical subjects.

It was also expressed there is  need for teachers to link up with the JKUAT and other universities to be able to learn more in areas of technical subjects.

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