Master of Science Biosystems and Structural Engineering


The Master of Science in Biosystems Structural Engineering aims at developing skills in planning, application and management of technology for agricultural production, processing and utilization of bioresources. A strong emphasis is placed on research and practical problem solving in areas of processing and storage, design and management of structures for plant and animal production.

Expected Outcome
At the end of the programme, the graduates should be able to:
a. Accurately diagnose and solve problems in Biosystems Structural that require engineering solutions
b. Conduct basic and applied scientific research
c. Contribute to teamwork and perform efficiently in a multidisciplinary environment

Entry Requirement
A candidate wishing to be admitted into the degree of Master of Science in Agricultural Processes Engineering must satisfy the minimum University entry requirements and College of Engineering and Technology regulations.
In addition to the above, the candidate must have a minimum of:

  1. A Second Class Honours (Upper Division) degree in Agricultutal and Biosystems Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Biomechanical and Processing Engineering; Food Engineering, Chemical Engineering, OR Mechanical Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, or
  2. A Second Class Honours (Lower Division) degree as in 4.1 with two years relevant experience, or
  3. Any other relevant degree recognized by the university Senate.

Structure and Duration
The programme shall extend for at least two academic years and will cover coursework, examination and thesis.
The first year is devoted to coursework and the candidate shall be required to pass all the units on offer. The second year is devoted to carrying out a research project and writing thesis.