Undergraduate Programmes

BSc. Mechanical Engineering
The programme emphasizes on application of mechanical engineering concepts particularly in design, materials, manufacturing and maintenance.  A student taking Mechanical Engineering course at JKUAT may specialize in either automotive or production engineering.  There is a very strong emphasis in practical hands-on training of engineering, which is achieved through workshop practice courses and industrial attachments as well as through supervised projects.

Mechanical Engineering – Water Flow Project

Mechanical engineering graduates find jobs in a wide variety of industries, including power generation, food processing, transport, building, assembly plants, military and aviation. The graduates are also well equipped to start up engineering business, especially in the manufacturing sector.

BSc. Mechatronic Engineering
This programme provides an indepth understanding of modern engineering and manufacturing combined with specialist skills in electronics and computer based automation technology.  The study of Mechatronic engineering involves aspects of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic, Computer control together with an understanding of manufacturing methods.  Modules on the course include: Computer Aided Engineering, including Computer Aided Design, Drawing and Manufacturing, Engineering systems, Engineering Analysis, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Control Systems Analysis and Manufacturing Automation and Robotics.  The course aims to equip engineers to take lead in multi-disciplinary design and manufacturing teams on products that involve both a mechanical and electronic aspects.  Mechatronic Engineering graduates are employed in a wide variety of industries, especially those with automated processes, such as aviation, energy, military, transport and manufacturing.

Machining centers in the engineering workshops

They also have entrepreneurial skills to start up own businesses offering mainly solutions for automation and control of processes.

BSc. Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering
This programme aims at producing engineers specialized in both mining and mineral processing.  Mining engineering is basically the process of taking mineral resources from the earth in response to man’s needs.  On the other hand, mineral processing engineering involves separating valuable elements of material from unwanted waste material from the ore body, in the most economical way.  In the first three years of the programme, all the students will cover common units mainly in mathematics, applied science, fundamental engineering principles and principles of mining and mineral processing engineering.  In the fourth and fifth year of study, besides the core units, a student will take elective units in either mining or mineral processing engineering.  Each student will undergo a mandatory eight-week industry-based practical attachment at the end of the second, third and fourth year of study.  In the final year of study, every student must undertake a suitable engineering project under the supervision of a member of the academic staff.

BSc. Marine Engineering
Marine Engineering is the branch of engineering which deals with the design, fabrication, manufacture, maintenance and solution of engineering problems of the various engineering systems found on board sea going vessels.
These engineering systems include the following: the propulsion units, power plant; the electric power generating units; the electronic systems; the pneumatic systems; the hydraulic systems; the control systems; the boiler system; air conditioning and refrigeration systems; and the sewage and disposal systems. The marine engineer focuses more on mechanical aspects of these systems. It is possible to specialize in Marine systems engineering or Naval architechture, which deals with the design and fabrication of sea going vessels. The Marine Engineering programme was developed to meet the prevailing high demand for Marine Engineers and other seafarers in Kenya.  The graduates will have the option of working onshore or offshore.