SoMMME 1st Year Orientation

Life in campus has become a challenging experience to most University students. Owing to the fact that most students have not had some time to exercise their freedom after the intensive secondary education, some get confused with the excess freedom that they are exposed to the moment they join the University. It is in this spirit that universities should improve on orientation programmes for students as they join the University.

The School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering (SoMMME) led by the Acting Dean, Dr. Mutuku Muvengei on 19th February, 2020, held an orientation programme for all the first years (2019 cohort) in the school. The orientation programme included sensitization on intellectual property (IP) rights, university examination rules and regulations, career mentorship as well as life in campus.

Present in the meeting were the Chairmen of Departments in the school; Dr.-Ing. James Kimotho of Mechanical Engineering, Dr.-Ing. Jackson Githu of Mechatronic Engineering, Dr. Jotham Munyalo of Marine Engineering & Maritime Operations, and Mr. Henry Muli of Mining & Mineral Processing Engineering. While giving their remarks at the meeting, the Chairmen of Departments reminded the students to take their academic work seriously and desist from activities that may distract them from their studies.

Ms. Wawira Nyaga, a lecturer in  Mechatronic Engineering Department who took the students through ‘life in campus’ reminded the first year students that bad habits such as drug and alcohol abuse, betting, peer pressure, poor time management and toxic relationships can hinder them from achieving their goals in campus. She urged the students to ensure proper financial management skills to avoid making their life miserable in the University. Students were also reminded to focus in their safety bearing in mind the insecurity incidences that have happened around Juja in the recent past.

Present in the meeting was also the Director, Directorate of Intellectual Property and University-Industry Linkage (DIPUIL), Eng. B. K. Kariuki who urged the students to make use of his office to protect their ideas and innovations. ‘Engineers are innovators and thus every student is expected to think on how to bring solution to problems’ he said. He emphasized to the students to always strive in providing solutions to the problems Kenya is facing such as; poverty, unemployment, environmental degradation, drought, famine, pollution, diseases and climatic change among others.

The Acting Dean of the School, Dr. Mutuku Muvengei in his remarks welcomed the students to the school, and advised them to always focus on their academics which is the core business which brought them to the University. “You are here in the university for a reason and for a season; the reason being to gain knowledge and later exit the university after five years to go apply the acquired knowledge in serving mankind”, the Dean noted. He also took the students through the College examination rules and regulations, the structure of the university as well as the various functions of the Dean’s office.

The Chief Guest was Ms. Nancy Ndirangu, a former student of JKUAT who graduated in 2006 with honors degree in Mechatronic Engineering. She advised the students on how to develop their career to ensure they get jobs once they finish their degrees. She urged students to always equip themselves with information regarding various companies they have interest in as well as ensure they possess the desirable soft skills which most employers look for. “Excellent communication skills, discipline, hard work and team work are necessary ingredients for one to excel in a career. Your university training is aimed at inculcating these important attributes” she advised the students 

Below are some of the photos from the orientation programme.

Director DIPUIL, Eng. B.K sensitizing students on intellectual property rights
Participants at the 1st year orientation programme

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