Undergraduate Entry Requirements

Each programme ordinarily takes a total of ten (10) semesters, each of which is sixteen (16) weeks. In addition, student undertake three (3) industrial attachments of which one is internal and the other two external. The duration of each attachment is at least eight (8) weeks.

Mode of Study:
All programmes in the school are offered on  full-time basis at JKUAT main campus.

All the College and University regulations for the degree programmes will apply.

Examinations are taken at the end of every semester for the courses taken in that semester.  The University and Faculty Examination rules and regulations will apply.

You are eligible to apply if you have attained any of the following qualification:

  1.  Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) who have at least a mean aggregate of grade B–(minus); and mean grade for the total score in the four JAB cluster subjects of at least B(plain); and the following minimum grades in the individual cluster subjects:
    • Alternative A – Mathematics C+(plus), Physics C+(plus), Chemistry C+(plus), and Geography or Biology, or any of Group IV C+ (plus);
    • Alternative B – Mathematics C+(plus), Physical Sciences B(plain), Biological Sciences C+(plus), and Geography or any of Group IV C+(plus), or equivalent qualification obtained in other examination systems OR
  2. Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) (or the A-level) applicants who have at least two principal passes in Mathematics and Physics; and at least a total score of nine (9) points, and at least a credit pass in Chemistry at the KCE or its equivalent OR
  3. Diploma applicants holding: JKUAT University Diploma with at least a Credit pass in the relevant discipline.  Such applicants will be eligible to join the second year of study, OR
  4. Ordinary Diploma from an institution recognized by the Senate having been awarded and examined by the Kenya National examinations Council or any other external examinations body recognized by the University Senate as being of equivalent status, with at least a credit pass in relevant discipline.  Such applicants will be eligible to join the course in the second year of study, OR
  5. Higher National Diploma in a relevant discipline, from an institution recognized by the University Senate, having been awarded and examined by the Kenya National Examinations Council, or, any other external examinations body recognized by the University Senate as being of equivalent status. Such applicants will be eligible to join the course in the third year of study, OR
  6. A holder of any other qualifications recognized by the Senate as equivalent to (i), (ii) or (iii) above.


Please note the following:

  • Only applications for which the application fee has been paid will be considered.
  • Consideration for admission will be based on qualifications of the student as presented in the application.
  • Final selection shall be on competitive basis.
  • Any information found to be false will lead to the disqualification of the applicant and also discontinuation from the University, even after admission.
  • A service fee of Kes. 1,000 will be charged on all returned cheques.

Advertisements for intake will be placed in the local dailies as well as on the JKUAT website.  The 2015 intake will be in September.

The estimate for the tuition plus examination fee is KShs. 127,000/= per semester for Kenyan citizens and 20% over and above for non-citizens. Details of the fees breakdown and other information can  be obtained from the office of the Dean, School of Mechanical, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering.

168 thoughts on “Undergraduate Entry Requirements

  1. my son has done IGCE with good grades and an ordinary diploma in community devepment and social studies.
    Does he qualify to do a bachelors degree in mechanical Engineering at you institution?

  2. I am a form four student at sacho high school and i have passion and i am determined to do mechatronics…..any sponsor out there who can make my dream and ambition come true will not be disappointed..

  3. My son is studying Physics, Economics, Mathematics; and ICT (as a subsidiary). He is now in Senior 5 (in Uganda). He is excelling in Mathematics, Physics and ICT, but finding a big problem with Economics! He is keen on studying Mechatronics. Could he qualify to do that course at your college even if he does not have Chemistry in his combination now? Please advise.

  4. Am John. Have done manufacturing engineering and technology from one the public universities in the country, have been lectured by at times common lecturers and even done practicals in your university organized by the two university. Can i enroll for Bsc in Mechanical Engineering in your university because i real have a passion for Bsc mechanical Engineering given that my current degree is not accredited by the ERB?

  5. I am a student in form 1so my question is if u want to do mechanical engineering after high school which subjects are considered the most

  6. I am a 2013 candidate. How do i get to do mechanical engineering at your university through JAB in 2014 intake?

  7. I am a 2013 candidate and when the results were out on 3rd march i had a A in mathematics,B+ in chemistry and A in physics. My mean grade was B+. I want to do mechatronics too bad. Do i qualify? And if yes,how can i apply in jkuat?

  8. I have just completed secondary education and obtained a grade of A minus,can i apply for a bachelors degree in chemical engineering which is not parallel?

  9. am kevin. I did KCSE last yr and scored a B of 73points with an A in maths….can I please apply for Computer engineering in JKUAT because am dying to go there please…..

  10. I did form four last year and had a mean grade of B plain of 64 points. I never did physics. can I get the chance to undertake that course?

  11. I did my kcse examinations last year and managed to get a mean grade of A- of 76 points; B in physics. I want to pursue mechanical engineering in your school. Do I qualify for it? How can I apply?

  12. Hi,
    i did my form four last year but i did not do physics,
    is it possible to do mechanical engineering after bridging physics and chemistry?

  13. I did kcse last yr n got a B+ with an A in math A in chemistry A- in physics and a B+ in biology.Do i qualify for mechanical engineering as a regular student

  14. i did my kcse axams last year and i manage to get a mean grade of B+,i pass 3sciences with chem A,physics A-,maths A,bio B+.can i do radiography?

  15. I have a diploma from Kenya Polytechnic in mechanical engineering, with a plant engineering option. I did higher national dip. at the same college but didn’t finish due to financial constraints. I would like to register at Jkuat for a BSC in Mech. Eng. I have over 10 years experience in the field with several successuful projects. At what point would i join in? What is the timetable, which campuses offer the same, are there evening classes? How soon is the next intake and what are your requirements.


    • With the diploma in mechanical engineering, you would join in Second Year. As for the HND, since you did not complete the course, it may not be considered. BSc, Mechanical Engineering is currently only offered on full-time basis at JKUAT(Main campus, Juja). Next intake is September 2014. Application forms can be picked from JKUAT, College of Engineering and Technology.

  16. I jst completed my high school education last year and attained a bplus ..A in maths A- in english A- in chemistry and Bplus in physics with overall points 73 am I eligible for a degree in petroleum engineering , financial engineering and mechanical engineering

    • We do not offer an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering. Financial Engineering is offered under the College of Pure and Applied Sciences(COPAS). You are eligible for Mechanical Engineering.

  17. I sat my kcse last year and scored 65pts with an A in maths and physics.. Do i qualify to do any engineering course as a regular program student?

  18. i did my kcse last year and attained an A in mathematics,B in physics,B+ in chemistry and B+ in biology an aggregate grade of B of 66.Do i qualify for a degree programme in mechanical engineering through JAB?

  19. i did kcse last and i attained an A in mathematics,B in physics,B+ in chemistry and B+ in biology and a mean grade of B of 66.Do i qualify for mechanical engineering at JKUAT through JAB?

  20. I have a B- (kcse) where maths C+ , chem B ,physics C , Bio B- , B/S A- . Am i fit for mechatronics please?

  21. I sat my KCSE last year and scored a B- (59 pts) where i had maths C+ , English B- , chem B , physics C , Bio B- , History B+ , Business A-. Am I qualified to take MECHATRONICS ENGINEERING? If yes , how much should i pay per YEAR? please advise me. Thanks

  22. I am a diploma holder in mechanical engineering, plant option-Pass , kcse B Minus. which year will i be able to join. first,second or third

    • Diploma holders with at least a credit pass enter at second year. However, should there be any unit in the first year which is deemed necessary, you will be required to do it as well.

  23. I sat my kcse last year and got a B- with a B+ in physics,C+ in chemistry,D maths,and a B in both eng and kisw and wishing to pursue a career in electrical,mechanical or computer science is there a chance to with that grade in maths? and if i bridge maths can i stand a chance to pursue such fields? please reply

  24. I did IGCSE last year i got B in physics A- in chemistry and maths B in english B- in economics and accounting B+in bio do qualify to do mechatronics engineering???????????

  25. wat engineering course can I do with
    maths A-
    biology A-
    phyc B+
    art and design B+
    histo b-
    English b-
    kiswahili c
    pliz help

  26. I got a b-in kcse last year..A in maths B-physics and C in chem.am I qualified for studying electrical and electronic engineering.

    • Application forms are available on the College of Engineering webpage. However, application will only be processed after payment of application fees.

  27. I did my KCSE examinations last year and was really interested in taking this course,i was told that you offer a combination of both mechatronics and mechanical engeenering as a course,,,i got a B:physics B,chemistry B+,Biology B+;georaphy B….
    am i qualified for the course??

    • We do not offer a combination of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering. They are offered as separate degrees. We would require your mean grade as well as your English marks to tell you whether you qualify.

  28. I am a Cameroonian I have my GCE O level in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, English and french. So the I qualify for mechatronics my passion

  29. i wuld like to do mechanical engineering.i got A in math,A in chem,B+in eng and B in phyc.i had a total of A- of 76points..can i get it?

  30. I did my KCSE last year and I got a B- of 56 points and I had C+ in Physics, Maths A- Chem C- . Am I qualified for Petroleum Engineering course?

  31. i did kcse last year and scored a minigrade of B- with A in maths, B+ in physics, C- in english and C+ in chemistry. will i be able to qualify for mechanical at jkuat

  32. I completed my kcse in 2013 and got a mean grade of B+ of 72 points.
    Am i qualiffied to take Mechatronic Engineering?
    regular? nt parallel.

  33. I had a mean grade of C+ in Kcse..C in physics,D in Maths,C- in Chemistry,B+ in english…..can i qualify for a diploma in mechanical engineering?

  34. I did my kcse and managed to score a mean grade of C+.B in maths,C in physics,C in chemistry,c- in geography and B- in English.Do i qualify to do mechanical engeneering.if yes do i start with diploma or degree.

  35. Hi,I’m a 2013 student.
    what course can I apply for with a mean grade of B(65 points).I have a C+ in maths,A- in physics,B+ in biology,C(plain) in chemistry.

  36. I attained B+ in the 2013 kcse. maths A, chem B+,english B+, phyc B+. do i qualify for regular course inmechanical engineering

  37. Ive done IGCSE and past with A in maths, B in chemistry, A in English, B in Geography and A in physics. Can I do Mechanical Engineering with this?

  38. Am currently a student in one of the public university and am intreasted in intensifyng my knowledge and heance i would like to apply for a degree in petroleum technology how can I do this while I still continue with my studys at the other university

    • We do not offer a bachelors degree in Petroleum Engineering. Kindly look at our programmes page for more information on the courses we offer.

  39. I got an A- aggregate and an A in phy math and chem do I qualify through kuccps application??? my points are 42.785

  40. I did my K.C.S.E last year, got a mean aggregate of 77 points. I had an A in maths, A in physics, A- in chemistry and A- in Business studies. But English I got a B+. Do I qualify for the regular program in BSc Mechatronics Engineering?

  41. hi,
    i did my kcse in 2013 and got a c+ and wanted to do mechanical engineering bt failed in the considered subjects.can undergo a pre university inorder to pursur that course?

  42. currently am taking geography , maths and physics without chemistry , and I’d like to know if its possible to do petroleum engineering in your university !?

  43. hi i sat my kcse last year and attained mean grade A minus with maths A..eng A-….kisw B+…chem B+….bio A…phy B+…hist A and bust B……i would like to persue mechanical engineering at jkuat..when is the next intake and can i do online application or through the post office because i live so far but within kenya and would be expensive for me to visit your offices in person.thanks

  44. I have a diploma in mechanical engineering (plant option) with a pass,C plain in form four with: eng C-,maths D+,physics C,chem D-.Do I qualify for bsc in mechanical engineering?

  45. i sat kcse last year 2013 and i got a mean grade of B- with D+ in english ,B-in maths, B(plain) in physics and biology, C( plain) in chemistry.am i qualify for mechanical engineegring.pliz reply.give me an advice if am not qualify for me to qualify .i need this course.

  46. I have done IGCSE. I got A in physics, A in mathematics, A in English , B in Geography. Am i eligible for mechanical engineering without chenmistry?

  47. I hold a Diploma in mechanical engineering(plant Option) with a pass.kcse C(plain),mathsD,EnglishC ,chemD ,never did physics will i be elligible to join Bsc in mechanical engineering?

  48. I am IGCSE student and in June 2013 I got A* in Chemistry & Bio, A in English & Phys. And in June 2014 i got A in ICT & B in Math and 2 AS with grade A in Chemistry and Bio. Am I qualify to do mechatronics engineering.

  49. Hey, i did my kcse in 2012. Getting a C 45points, with a B in maths, a C+ in physics and a D+ in chemistry. I would like to know uf i can get in the university with this grade to study mechanical engineering(automotive)? Or do i require a diploma in that field? If so, please advice me the, institutions recognized by the Senate, where i can get that diploma.?

  50. Hi?i completed my secondary level in 2008 and managed to get a mean score of B- with B- in mathematics,C+ in chemistry,B- in biology and B- in geography.After this i managed to secure employment with one of the Geothermal Power plant contractors from 2010 to date in engineering department.This has enable me to gain interest in studying mechatronics engineering based on my experience and the my current passion for it.please would u consider my application?In anyway then would u advice on the best course to do based on my experience?

  51. Hi admin, am currentry a bsc student at jkuat. My question is, is it possible for one to study msc structural engineering after graduating with bsc mechanical engineering, what are the requirements if it’s possible?

  52. I did my kcse last year and got A in mathematics A-in physics B+ in chemistry and B + In english..an aggregate of B+ 73points but i missed an intake this year but stl would love to join JKUAT to pursue mechanical engineerng.was askng if do da same course in Dedan Kimathi university for the first year..will i be able to transfer to JKUAT fr the second year..

  53. Im an alevel student taking subjects Physics,Maths,Biology and Business. My particular area of interest is engineering and in specific mechanical however i see chemistry is required,is there a way i can work my way around this?

  54. hi.I sat for my kcse last year but was admitted in a university am not comfortable in.can I wait until. next year and still apply afresh for a degree as a regular student?

    • Kindly address the question to Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service(KUCCPS). They are the ones in charge of admission of regular students to the university.

  55. Hi .I got an ,A-.77 points.. phys A chem A maths A bio A- eng B.Do I qualifiy to per sue financial engineering at JKUAT?Thanks.

  56. hey am john sat 4 my kcse 2013 got a B- (56) A- in physics B- in chemistry B- in english and C- minus in maths do i qualify for civil engineering or do i first bridge maths?…and do you offer bridging courses?

  57. I want to apply for Electrical Engineering under parallel program basis.I did my kcse 2013 and got B + of 71 point
    A minus maths,B plus chem,B plus phyc,B plus geography A minus
    B plus kiswa,B plain English…also advise when to apply

  58. Hi am aY3S1 student at TUM undertaking degree in mechanical engineeringAnd would like transfer to your college.i attained a diploma with a pass in TUM after sitting their internal exams.i have a meqn grade of c+ in kcse with a B- in maths,C in physics,C- in chemistry,B in english,history b+ and geography c-.am i eligible for a transfer?and how much is the cost

  59. can i do bachelor of medicine and surgery on parallel with maths-d+

  60. hi,am interested to join jkuat the yr after next yr.. i do physics and perfom with a mean grade of B+and above, geography A-,mathematics A plain,chemistry A plain… am i likely to qualify for aeronautical engineering ????

  61. Hi. I Managed a C (plain) at KCSE level last year with a B-in Eng, C+in kiswa, D+in Math, C-in physics, D+ in Geo, B in C.R.E and a C in Agriculture… What courses can i get at JKUAT..? (CERTIFICATE)?

  62. Hae, I did my kcse this year and am interested in doing mechanical engineering. I scored a mean grade of B- :B- maths, C+physics, C chemistry, B+ agriculture and B English. Can i do the course?

  63. I have just completed my secondary education and attained Grade C+ and i have C in Physics D in maths C+ in Geo and C in Chemistry Eng B Business C+. Do I still have the chance in doing computer science or any other course in this University?

  64. I sat for my KCSE exam last year,2015, i had a mean grade of B+ .. in Mathematics A-,Chemistry B-,Physics C+,Geography B… please do advice me weather I qualify taking Mechanical engineering course at JKUAT

  65. I got a mean grade of B – with a B in eng, C in maths , B in bio ,B plus in Chem B-kisw and B plus in IRE ..can i do medicine especially dentist?

  66. hi idid my kcse in 2015 n got a B+ of 69points,scored the following:
    math A
    chem A-
    eng B
    kisw C+
    phyc B+
    cre B
    geo B+
    b /s B+
    am i qualified for a degree in mechatronics engineering under regular

    • Hi Delviny, thank you for your interest in our institution.We have uploaded the entry requirements for self sponsored on the website. However, for regular programme, it is not possible for us to tell, since the criteria for admission changes yearly and a number of factors are considered based on the performance of students per year.

    • Hi Diana, thanks you for having interest in our institution. We have already uploaded the application form on our website, kindly download;

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