School of Civil Environmental and Geospatial Engineering

The school is one of the three schools under the College of Engineering and Technology(COETEC). The school currently consists of two departments: Civil, construction and environmental engineering (CCEE) and Geomatic engineering and geospatial information systems (GEGIS).

The school offers engineering degrees both at undergraduate and graduate levels in Civil engineering and in Geomatic engineering and geospatial information systems respectively. The undergraduate programs take five academic years of two semesters each with a design/research project in the final year. These projects allow the students to apply the concept learned to real-world situations.

The students also undertake a total of at least 24 weeks of practical work in the industry to be awarded the degree. The school covers four broad areas of research and training:

  • Civil infrastructure (geotechnical, transportation systems, structural, etc)
  • Environmental (hydrosystems, coastal engineering, conservation, public health, etc)
  • Geoinformatics (remote sensing, GIS, geo-computing, digital mapping, etc)
  • Engineering survey

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