Public Law

Chair, Public Law

Dr. Oloo

Dr. Judith Oloo

Units Offered

HRD 2101 Communication Skills
LSC 2101 Legal Systems and Methods
LSC 2102 Social Foundations of Law
LSC 2105 Constitutional Theory
LSC 2107 Principles of Criminal Liability
LSC 2110 Constitutional Process
LSC 2201 Crimes
LSC 2202 Evidence I
LSC 2203 Administrative Law
LSC 2209 Evidence II
LSC 2212 Criminology and Penology
LSC 2213 Criminal Procedure
LSC 2304 Public International Law
LSC 2308 Gender and the Law
LSC 2309 Competition Law
LSC 2312 Tax Law
LSC 2320 International Trade and Investment Law
LSC 2321 East African Community Law
LSC 2322 Law of the Sea
LSC 2325 International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
LSC 2401 Insolvency Law

The department is supported by a dedicated and qualified staff:

  1. Oluoch Ashers’                                   6. Dr. Dennis Mutua Ndambo
  2. Prof. Busalile J. Mwimali                              7. Dr. Judith Adongo Oloo
  3. Mr. Joel Bosek                                             8. Mr. Lereko Obonyo
  4. Mr. Nobert Bunde                                      9. Dr. Angela Nkatha
  5. Ms. Jane Kamangu