Dr. Omondi Robert Owino

ACADEMIC RANK – Senior Lecturer

SPECIALIZATION – International Environmental Law

RESEARCH INTEREST – International Environmental Law, Climate Change Law and Renewable Energy Law

QUALIFICATION – Dr. jur (Bayreuth), LL.M (Dar-es-Salaam), LL.B (Moi), Postgraduate Diploma in Law (KSL)


Omondi R. Owino, (2016) Trans-boundary Resource Co-operation in the Lake Victoria Basin from an International Environmental Law Perspective, LawAfrica (Forthcoming)

Omondi R. Owino, (2016) ‘Agro-fuel Law and Policy in East Africa: Assessing Avenues for Sustainability’ in Le Bouthillier, Y; Cowie, A; Martin, P and McLeod-Kilmurray, H Policy andLaw on Biofuels, Edward Elgar pp. 263-284 ISBN: 9781782544548

Owino, R. O, (2015) ‘Fouling Adam’s Eden: A Legal Analysis of the Collective Action Challenge in the Lake Victoria’ in Martin, P and Kennedy, A (eds) Implementing Environmental Law, Edward Elgar pp. 170-190 ISBN: 9781783479290

Wanitzek, U., Döveling, J., Omondi, F and Owino, R. (2014) – ‚Kenia‘, in: A. Bergmann/M. Ferid/D.Henrich (Hg), Internationales Ehe – und Kindschaftsrecht. Frankfurt/Main: Verlag für Standesamtswesen, ISBN: 9783801912079

Omondi R. Owino, (2012) ‘Conceptual Aspects of The Right to Environment: An International Perspective’ Law Society of Kenya Journal (volume 8(1) 2012, LawAfrica, Nairobi, Kenya pp. 41-65 ISBN: 9966031273

Opinion Articles

Owino, R ‘Terrorism is no Reason to Violate the Law’ Business Daily February 9, 2015

Omondi Owino ‘Betting on Old Power Sources Will Hurt Kenya’s Energy Quest’ Business Daily October 23, 2014