January 2019 Intake

SODeL has three intakes in any given academic year. these are: January, May and September. These intakes do admit candidates from certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, and Master course. These courses run in two Modes; Continuing Education and Distance learning.

Continuing Education Mode is applicable where the University is collaborating with affiliate colleges spread all around Kenya. The colleges do submit the admission applications to the university. University Senate approves the applications and issues admission letters to be given to successful candidates and regrets to those who did not make the qualification requirements. All the lecturers teaching the university courses are vetted and approved by the University Senate. All examinations will be set and dispatched to the colleges. eventually graduands will be conferred their degrees at the Main J.K.U.A.T Campus. Essence of Continuing Education Mode: to offer J.K.U.A.T courses to the demand of those who wish to study at J.K.U.A.T. but are constrained with location.

Distance Learning Mode is applicable when our prospective students would wish to register for our courses across the world but want to do it at a more convenient mode. This mode allows a student to register for a minimum of two units and a maximum of the total number required in a full time session. The fee is half the amount required by the full time learning mode (classroom based). Essence of Distance Learning Mode: it is more flexible and even cheaper!!