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DRAA Mr. Evans Cheptumo, Deputy Registrar, SODeL : echeptumo@jkuat.ac.ke

1. Plan and coordinate SODeL operations
2. To monitor implementation of the SODeL policy
3. To develop strategies for the SODeL to fulfill its mandate
4. To be in charge of all contacts with stakeholders
5. To coordinate the production of the SODeL bulletin and advertisements

S.AA Mr. Francis Njeru, Senior Administrative Assistant (AA): fnjeru@jkuat.ac.ke

1. Preparation of Examination Timetables for all SODeL Centres
2. Preparation Examination Marksheets and Passlists
3. Preparation of Result Slips and Transcripts
4. Registration of Students for SODeL Centres
5. Preparation of Examination Counters

Admin Mrs. Sylvia Kisaka Kioko- Senior Administrative Assistant: skisaka@jkuat.ac.ke    

  1. Student admissions for Post- graduate applications
  2. Processing examinations in the following centres:
  3. Cooperative University College, RICCATTI Business College
  4. United Africa College, • KCA University,• Embu College,• Multimedia University College
  5. Alphax College,• KCA Kisumu Campus,• Pioneer International College
  6. Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS)- Post-graduate Programmes
  7. Management University of Africa (MUA)- Post-graduate Programme- Executive Master of Business Administration- EMBA

Role Profile
Provide administrative support to management through coordination, organization and planning of the division’s functions, in order to ensure that services are provided in an effective and efficient manner.

Ms. Rachel IbukahAdministrative Assistant: ray@jkuat.ac.ke    

1. Administering, monitoring and customizing the Learning Management Systems
2. Administrating, Coordinating & Communicating services
3. Registration of Online Students
4. Administration of examinable units for ODeL students
5. Offering quality customer service
6. Coordinate and maintain records for staff, office etc.
7. Administrate Online Students & Distance Learning Programmes

AA Mrs. Beatrice K. Wekunda, Administrative Assistant (AA): bkimungui@jkuat.ac.ke

  1. Processing of examination results: preparation of mark sheets, pass lists and printing of transcripts and result slips.
  2. Nairobi Institute of Technology ( NIT)
  3. Tracom College-Nakuru.
  4. Zetech College-SHRD Diplomas.

 Admin Ms. Susan Nderitu, Administrative Assistant (AA): snderitu@jkuat.ac.ke 
1. Processing of transcripts
2. In charge of the following: Lists of lecturers
3. Processing of examination results and pass lists for the BCOMBA and DIT courses from Zetech College
4. Attending to examinations and transcripts enquiries of students of the BCOMBA and DIT courses from Zetech College
5. Registration of students from centres offering JKUAT centres
6. In charge of Admissions of students into JKUAT under the centres that offer JKUAT courses.

Admin Ms. Mary Wanjiru Mucheru, Administrative Assistant (AA): mary.mucheru@jkuat.ac.ke
1. Processing of examination results: preparation of mark sheets, pass lists and printing of transcripts and result slips.
2. Incharge of the following SODeL approved centres; Airads Eldoret & Kericho Branches, DEFTEC and Muranga University College
3. Processing of examination results for students who are undertaking Distance Learning mode of Study.
4. Assisting in processing of draft examination.

Admin Ms. Gillian Muthoni Ndung’u, Administrative Assistant: muthoni.ndungu@jkuat.ac.ke
1. In charge of the registry
2. Processing of transcripts
3. Processing of examination results.
4. In charge of the following centres and programmes- Zetech College-BCOMBA, RCMRD- All programmes
5. Preparation of passlists

ID2 Ms. Elizabeth Maina: emaina@jkuat.ac.ke
• Supporting the content developers in Lyx
• Training and e-orienting staffs on Learning Management Systems
• Packaging of the e-content
• Uploading of the e-content/ units in the e-learning system and Facilitation.
• Technical support
• Digitizing of the content

ID1 Mr. William Ndungu – Instructional Designer: William.Ndungu@jkuat.ac.ke
1. Help in the design and development of instructional material for customer training courses
2. Carry out and utilize effective needs analysis, project management, course development, and evaluation
3. Collaboratively and independently develop entry and advanced level courses for both internal and external students (distance learning)
4. Utilize authoring tools i.e. Moodle to create an enabling environment for SODeL students
5. Acts as liaison between departments, individual subject matter experts and students in content delivery
6. Moodle Training for Digitizers and Online Facilitators
7. Online Content Review training
8. Processing the filled in review forms


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