Mr. Evans Cheptumo -Deputy Registrar (AA)


  • Plan and coordinate SODeL operations
  • To monitor implementation of the SODeL policy
  • To develop strategies for the SODeL to fulfill its mandate
  • To be in charge of all contacts with stakeholders
  • To coordinate the production of the SODeL bulletin and advertisements

Gillian Muthoni Ndung’u -Administrative Assistant


In charge of

  • Processing of examination results- Ensure that moderated examination results are correctly recorded in the mark sheets and then present them to the SODeL Board of Examiners in the correct order and Format, for approval.
  • Preparation of passlists- Ensure that after being approved by the SODeL Board of Examiners, the examination results of the centres which i am in charge and correctly prepare and presented to the Deans’ Committee meeting for further approval.
  • Processing of transcripts-ensure that transcripts are ready 1 month after release of examination results

Rachel Ibukah – Administrative Assistant


  1. Administering, monitoring and customizing the Learning Management Systems
  2. Administrating, Coordinating & Communicating services
  3. Registration of Online Students
  4. Administration of examinable units for ODeL students
  5. Offering quality customer service
  6. Coordinate and maintain records for staff, office etc.
  7. Administrate Online Students& Distance Learning Programmes