18 Dec

The General Assembly of the PAUAA held at The African Union Commission Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 12-13th December 2017 ended with the official inauguration of the Pan African University Alumni Association and assumption of office by the Inaugural members of the Bureau. 

Pursuant to the resolution of the Pan African University (PAU) Senate adopted at its inaugural meeting from 3-4 May 2014 (PAU/SM/R/01/2017), there was need to establish The Pan African University Alumni Association (Abbreviated as PAUAA). A cross section of PAU graduates (5 from each Institute) were invited by The African Union Commission (AUC) andPAU to participate in the establishment of, and attend the first General Assembly of thePAUAA from 12 – 13th December, 2107.

The General Assembly was officially opened by Prof Belay Kassa, The Interim Deputy Rector of PAU who welcomed the Alumni and wished them great deliberations. He further emphasised the role of Alumni in the development of the PAU as well as their being at the forefront of implementing the PAU dream including Africa’s Agenda 2063 and STISA 2024.

Prof Belay’s address was followed by presentations from the Directors of the different PAU Institutes, who in unison further emphasised the aspirations PAU has in its Alumni as being central at the development of PAU and Africa as one of the biggest pools of highly trained professionals the continent will ever have. The Directors included Prof AbdellatifZerga (Director PAUWES), Prof Gabriel Magoma (Director PAUSTI), Prof Mathew Abatan (Director PAULESI) and Prof NtudaEbode (Director PAUGHSS).

Following the Directors’ presentations, Dr Gilles Ogandanga the PAU Senior Academic and Students Affairs Officer and the Office of the Legal Council led the sessions for review of the PAUAA Constitution as well as its Validation. This process was actively engaging where members critically assessed each and every article and clause. The validation of the constitution continued into the second day when it was completed.

The validated constitution was finally adopted by all the members of the General Assembly thereby officially establishing the PAUAA with 21 founding members. The founding members of the PAUAA are: Valentine OshotseEleta, Kabanda Umar, Bwiselelo Abedi, Ogounchi Maryse Audrey, Gavamukulya Yahaya, Sakah Bernard, Gilda Rafael Katia Bernardo, Hannah Ngugi, Damson Munyaradzi, AkothMitschelle Onyango, Isaac KodzoAmegbor, Emmanuel Ngendahayo, Blessing EbiOgonudi, KukeeraTonny, Nabil Khorchani,RehemaKhimulu, Nathalie MawoSuliy, Vivian OgechiNwadiaru, Daniel Hailu, Paul Nduhura and AsmamawAchenef.

The founding members present then elected the Inaugural PAUAA Bureau that is composed of 9 members who equitably represent the different geographical regions of Africa, The PAU Institutes as well as gender. The election was presided over by the Directors of the PAU Institutes.The Inaugural Bureau is composed of the following: President – HE ValentineOshotseEleta (PAULESI, West Africa), Vice President – HE RehemaKhimulu (PAUWES, East Africa), Treasurer – Nathalie MawoSuliy (PAUSTI, Central Africa), Secretary General – Gavamukulya Yahaya (PAUSTI, East Africa), Assistant Secretary General – Nabil Khorchani (PAUWES, Northern Africa), Finance Secretary – Isaac KodzoAmegbor (PAULESI, West Africa), Communications Officer – Katia Gilda Rafael Bernardo (PAUGHSS, Southern Africa), Public Relations Officer – Sakah Bernard (PAUGHSS, Central Africa), and Internal Auditor – MitschelleAkoth Onyango (PAULESI, East Africa).

The President of PAUAA emphasized that the Inaugural Bureau shall work hand in hand with the rest of the founding members to reach out to and register the rest of the PAU graduates as members of the Association.

According to Article 2 of the PAUAA Constitution, the objectives of the Association shall be to:Unite and foster friendly relations among graduates of the PAU; Guarantee PAU graduates the support of their former schoolmates; Facilitate job seeking and research activities; Maintain relations with other student Alumni Associations; Conduct reflections on the development problems in Africa through the organisation of seminars, workshops, conferences, and other related gatherings; Publish newsletters, magazines, periodicals in order to disseminate information on these activities and on the events of the PAU and Meet all other forms of requests by the students of the PAU.

Finally, the legal and formal establishment of the PAU Alumni Association as well as its recognition by the different Bodies of the PAU, AUC, among others sets a foundation for the future of the Association.



Article by
Gavamukulya Yahaya
Secretary General PAUAA