The The Pan African University is the culmination of continental initiatives of the Commission of the African Union to revitalize higher education and research in Africa. It is a project that will exemplify excellence, enhance the attractiveness and global competitiveness of African higher education and research and establish the African University at the core of Africa’s development. The Pan African University will greatly boost the population and retention of high level human resources and quality knowledge outputs and be able to attract the best intellectual capacity from all over the world.

The first three institutes of the Pan African University will be hosted as follows:

1. Western Africa PAU Institute of Life and Earth Sciences at University of Ibadan, Nigeria

2. Eastern Africa PAU Institute of Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

3. Central Africa – PAU Institute of Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Yaounde

It is noteworthy that this momentous project is being launched as we undertake the modern evaluation of the Second Decade of Education for Africa. Clearly, Africa has awoken to the fact that social and economic development is not possible without substantive investment in a robust higher education and research