15 Feb

On Tuesday 14th February 2017, PAUSTI Students from the 4th Cohort underwent training on how to manage their references using the Mendeley References management software. The training was conducted by Gavamukulya Yahaya, an Alumnus of PAUSTI from the 1st Cohort, as well as a PhD Candidate in the 4th Cohort. He trained his fellow students in his capacity as a Global Mendeley Advisor, after which the participants received certifications from Mendeley for their participation.

“We hereby recognize that the holder actively participated in a Mendeley presentation session organized by the named Mendeley Advisor. This has enabled the holder to better understand Mendeley and therefore improve their research workflow”, the certificates read in part.

The training was officially opened by The Director PAUSTI, Prof Gabriel Magoma, who called on the participants to actively participate in the workshop so as to gain all the skills needed as far as referencing was concerned. He noted that the training had come at the right time as the students were just starting to do their course work, and that the skills gained would help them when it comes to writing reports, the research proposal, manuscripts for publication as well as the theses.

The Director recognized the role and potential that can be played by the Alumni such as had been demonstrated by Gavamukulya in initiating such sessions at the PAUSTI and pledged his full support for any similar events that are in the good interest of the Hub. He finally appreciated the facilitator, for choosing to share the knowledge with his colleagues and wished everyone a fruitful workshop.

The key outcomes of the workshop included skills in creation and management of a Mendeley Library, Automatically making in text citations, automatic generation of references / Bibliography lists, online literature search using Mendeley among others. The participants appreciated the skills gained and promised to use the software in their Graduate and research life.