28 Jun

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Saturday morning, 18th of June 2016, the PAUISTI Christian fellowship once again went for one of their outreach programs. The fellowship, has a number of outreach programs which they have lined up, to support and help in changing the society they live in. on this special day, the destination was Happy Life Children’s home. With the support of the whole student body and the administration, the PAUISTI Christian Fellowship managed to raise money to help in purchasing the goods that we donated to the less privileged children. On this day, they took off from their pick up point with their administrators and in comfort of the institutional van toward Happy Life Children’s home. Upon their arrival, the students were warmly welcomed into the compound and were given a brief history about how it started, what they do and who they are. A number of touching questions were asked and it was quite an emotional event since all the children at that particular place are infants. After the brief discussion, it was mingling time with the children. Bonding between the students and the children was easily created as some were attached through playing games with the toddlers and some through feeding session. Truly it was a time of unspeakable joy, happiness, peace and emotional attachments. Words cannot fully express the feeling you get the moment you see them and how happy they feel when you hold them and how you feel when you have a moment with them. You would see how important it was for the kids to see these visitors and how much it felt for the students who took their time to be with them. The students learnt quite a lot, both good and the worst things happening to our societies and it was an eye opener to them so as to help preach a better sermon to change our lives and our societies we live in. After a long struggle to separate the two parties, the students engaged in another manual activities, so as to help the workers at that place also. The PAUISTI students managed to clean the compound, the floors and a number of room. After that session, the students, presented their gifts to the Happy Lives administration. You would see how important it was to them and they really showed great appreciation for the support we showed to them. The students and the Happy Lives administration went on a photo session as they present the gifts to them. After all has been done, it was time for a late lunch, the students and some of the people at happy lives just shared some few snacks before they went on their journey back to their institution. It was quite an experience to be with the babies and the students learnt a lot about the societies we live in and to what extremes people can go to either help or destroy our societies.