18 Apr

The 2012/2013 Call for Student Application is open from April 5th 2012. Applications will be closed on June 30th 2012.

This application is open only for three Pan African University thematic areas :-

Governance Humanities and Social Sciences Yaounde II, Cameroon

Life and Earth Sciences, University of Ibadan in Nigeria

Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation at Jomo Kenyatta University, Juja in Kenya
It is important that all applicants read and understand the call document before filling the application form.

Call for student application (French)
Call for student application (English)
Application forms (word)
Application forms (pdf)

For more information click here

  • grace wacheke mungai

    i will highly appreciate an affliation with the pan african university, i therefore request for a phd scholarship am already developing a phd proposal. thank you

  • Abduselam Mohammed Nur


    GIS (Geographic Information System) and remote sensing plays an important role for the development of one one country and we African’s luck an expertise in such areas of specialization, but i didn’t see any MSc program designed in such areas. please consider it, Managing “Geo-information” is power for development!!!


    Thank you

  • Geleta Geshere

    It is really the promising beginning for African scholars who can engage in this opportunity to investigate/invent new things using his/her indigenous knowledge

  • ishimwe

    i would like to know if there is also scholarship for undergraduate student. thank you for your response

    • http://www.jkuat.ac.ke/pauisti The Editor

      The scholarships are only for postgraduate programmes.

  • Birhan Eshetu

    Dear All,
    We are really getting up and moving faster than before! I hope this condition will lead us to be better and to be heard in the international negotiations since they know we are waking up!

    Please, Africans let us invest on human beings, human beings are really essential for every development matters. A machine will not be efficient if it is not managed by a well trained manpower; it is the same for the most domesticated technologies. There will be a pool of fund risers if we ask for sustainable development.

    I hope china will do what she promised and we will do better what we are now undergoing and keep the peace of development!

    Congratulations for the existence of PAU!
    A Wake Up call!



  • libanos tesfau

    it seems to me creating one Africa.

  • Patricia

    It’s a good start. How is the scholarship in molecular biology applied?

    • http://www.jkuat.ac.ke/pauisti The Editor

      When the calls for student applications are made.

  • Benard Nyawach

    This is a great start to ensuring that African scholars obtain the highest training in their academic pursuit in there own land.

  • Tabitha

    I have tried to send my applications and they keep on bouncing back

    • pauisti

      You can get to the specific institute websites, get their email addresses and forward to the institute where the course you are applying for is being offered.

    • pauisti

      You can visit the websites for the various PAU institutes, get the email address for the institute that offers the course you are applying for and forward your application there.

  • http://www.facebook.com/manette.njike Manette Njike

    c’est depui lundi 25 que j’envoie mes dossiers pour repondre à l’appel de candidature que votre institution a lancé sans succès
    SVP aidez nous

  • http://www.facebook.com/manette.njike Manette Njike

    SVP est ce qu’il n’ y a pas un propbleme à l’adresse que nous avons (paurectorate@africa-union.org)

    • Nicole

      Le problème ne se situe pas au niveau de l’adresse mais plutôt de la crédibilité de cet appel à candidature .

    • Nicole

      même l’adresse alternative qui a été donné sur facebook prète à l’amusement!


    C’est fort moi aussi j’ai eu le même probleme je ne parviens pas à envoyer mon formulaire de candidature je sais pas quelles dispositions ont été prises pour y rémedier