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JKUAT Environmental day

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Dear comrades you will agree with me that we don’t exist in a vacuum but in a surrounding called environment. This environment is the totality of surrounding conditions that sustain mankind and other creatures. Therefore it calls for sustainable development in mans daily activities. This is to ensure that development meets the needs of the present population without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own needs.
One of our driving forces towards the idea of carrying out the exercise was our Vision, Mission and objectives which are outlined below;
To join hands with the rest of the world in enhancing sustainable development through environmental conservation

Protect what God has endowed us with through sensitization programmes in liaison with the corporate world and the society at large.


  1. Conserve that God has endowed us with
  2. Exercise our social corporate responsibility
  3. Leave something for future generation to be proud of  being on the earth
  4. Instill a sense of responsibility and accountability to the youth and the society at large

With the above foundation we were determined to carrying out the exercise and indeed through Gods grace it was a success

. The activity begun with a flag off of the participants from the pavilion (graduation square). We proceeded to the New Science Complex (NSC) where we planted tree seedlings(Gravellia) next to where the ambassadors from various countries  planted theirs. We later embarked on a clean up programme from gate C(Greenfields area) all the way to sewage area. The clean up involved basically litter collection. Later in the afternoon we had a session at school where we had guest speakers( Mr Kagumo who works for Federation of East Africa Freight Forwarders and who acts at the capacity of president of the same firm in East Africa).We also had Dr. Gitaka who works for An Environmental Audit firm in Kenya. The representative for youth and sports ministry in Juja madam Jennifer was also present during the tree planting session. The guest speakers talked on key issues pertaining the environmental conservation and pollution. We also had a number of clubs and religious denomination  in the  university being represented by their members e.g JEMA,JKUSA,RED CROSS,QUALTE, SALSA,C.U,  a representative of Miss Art Kenya,  GENERATION THREE YOUTH GROUP from Juja, JKUAT STAFF, SCOUTS  from Jkuat Primary, Some Alumini among others. We also had participants come up with skits and poems on environmental conservation and pollution. The area councilor and D.Os effort is also appreciated in the whole exercise.


Therefore comrades I would like that all of us be cautious about our environment and charity has always begun at home. I feel the each of us has the responsibility of taking care of his or her environment take an example of our case here in JKUAT how many of us do buy snacks, take away beverages, sweets e.t.c which in most cases consume while on the move. After enjoying our delicacy, without a second thought we simply drop them anywhere despite the fact that dust-pins have been provided almost in all location by the administration and JEMA. This is wrong comrades. If we cant manage such a small waste what about if we become managers of big companies. Therefore call upon all of us to give a second thought before littering and polluting our environment. Let us be the real change that we want to see in our society

We  would like to sincerely appreciate the Deans and the school administration at large for the role you played in ensuring the success of the same. We had enormous support from the Union(JKUSO), the UCCD( University community collaboration Department) led by madam Angela, the Estate department led by Joseph Maina, the transport department( led by Mary), the security department(led by Mr. Mwangi), the booking and programmes department, school care takers, the school firm office ( led by Mr.Maina) among many others. The student fraternity and more-so those who participated are sincerely thanked so much.May God bless you all and I believe we shall continue supporting each other in such activities which help in improving our corporate image.