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To create a comfortable environment, ensuring the well-being of all students concerning the various aspects of campus life


To serve the student fraternity with diligence and courage and to create a room for student development by establishing structures in liaison with the administration, and the corporate world, that will equip the student for the service to the society.

To implement all the union objectives as stipulated in the JKUSO constitution.



JKUSO Started in 1994 and was initially composed of small institutional organisations that included;
JKUSO – for all regular students
JKHURDA – for students in the school of human resource and development
JKUITSCO – encompassed all IT students
JKUADSA – that took care of all students in the alternative degree programme.

Campus organisations

Following a constitutional amendment in 2008, all these unions were dissolved into one mother union that it is today. Currently, the union is in-charge of eight campuses that are Juja, Karen, Nairobi westlands, Taita taveta, Kisii, Nakuru & Kitale.

Arrangements to amend some clauses within the constitution are ongoing.

Elections take place in October and the winners are sworn in for one year tenure of office.
The electoral procedure is competitive and a true test of leadership and political prowess since candidates have to campaign in all the above campuses.
The union has a three arms of government.
The executive committee: composed of nine officials is the principal decision making organ and all its constituents are from the main campus.
21- member executive committee: Composed of the executive committee, three officials from each campus, and three nominated members.
Student governing council: this is the organ that passes policies and approves the unions events. Composed of the executive committee, faculty, departmental and halls of residence representatives