Transformative Technology

As an Institute, we are fully engaged in the process of preparing our most beneficial, practical, and innovative scientific discoveries for the marketplace.  As we create new ideas for the marketplace, we also generate revenues for research and education.

IBR research projects seek to address major national and global issues of our time. By pulling together researchers working in different disciplines to tackle important, social, economic and environmental challenges, these projects are making an impact on people’s lives and helping to expand our base of world-leading research.

Inorder to achieve our objectives, the Institute endeavors to:

  • Secure significant levels of external funding to support their research activities (some of the research donors comprise of, NCST,  Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, and Alexander von and Humboldt foundation)
  • Become an institutional champion for the University vision and mission
  • Incorporate interdisciplinary collaborations of international standards (academic and research)
  • Provide a first-class environment for career development and training
  • Attract high quality staff, postgraduates and strategic partnerships