Priority Research Areas 

As an Institute for Biotechnology Research, we have established a number of Research Priority Areas, or key areas of research focus, to support the delivery of research excellence.

The identified research priority areas have the potential to grow and deliver an influential amount of world-class research findings and knowledge transfer addressing national and global issues. These areas comprise of:

  • Crop improvement and characterizations, diversification and diagnostics;
  • Bioprospecting/Biomining for novel microorganisms for industrial applications
  • Capacity building;
  • Marketing of products of agriculture biotechnology and microbial biotechnology;
  • Biotechnology infrastructure (Biological resource center, Molecular labs and screen houses).

Strategic Research Plan

  • To establish a biological resource centre for documentation and exsitu conservation of micro-organisms, plasmid and cell lines;
  • To build capacity on biosafety through training, the exchange of information and experience;;
  • To promote strong linkages with local and international private and public institutions;
  • To seek collaborative partnerships of scientific institutions/departments and industries in the field of biotechnology
  • To review postgraduate training in biotechnology and capacity development;
  • To create a strong extension system for the dissemination of new technologies;
  • To improve plant species through biotechnology: food security, well-being and industry
  • To facilitate interaction among scientist through meetings, seminars, courses, databases, web tools and other means.
  • Value addition of already existing products (bananas, aloe Vera, and mushrooms).