2019 IBR MSc and Ph.D graduates

In 2019, the institute released two Ph.D.’s and one MSc graduates into the job market. Eunice Mulango, an MSc graduate, undertook a research project titled  ‘Isolation and characterization of alkalithermophilic bacteria from the hot springs of lake Magadi’ as part of her MSc qualification requirement. Ms. Grace Waceke Mungai, one of the Ph.D. graduates undertook research titled ‘Whole-genome sequencing and transcriptome analysis of Africa tomato and eggplant’ while Irene Nafula Ogali, the second Ph.D. graduate undertook research titled ‘Molecular diversity of avian paramyxoviruses in domestic poultry and wild birds in Kenya’.

Schedule for postgraduate seminar presentations for 2019 academic year

All IBR postgraduate students are hereby notified of the planned schedule for progress report presentations for the academic year 2019. The institute wishes to remind all the students who will be participating in these seminar sessions to notify their supervisors in good time and make arrangement to attend. The tentative schedule for postgraduate seminar presentations for 2019 academic year

Sustainable bio-energy in Africa (2015)

The global carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations surpassed 400 parts per million in March 2015 for the first time since record-keeping of greenhouse gas levels began ( http://research.noaa.gov). These suggests that burning of fossil fuels by humans have caused global CO2 concentrations to rise more than 102 parts per million since pre-industrial times. Rising concentrations of atmospheric CO2 is a key contributor to current global climate changes and there is worsening pollution as a result of fossil exploitation. As a consequence and in addition to recent high expectation for clean energy has given a new impetus for the production… Continue reading →