Sustainable bio-energy in Africa (2015)

The global carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations surpassed 400 parts per million in March 2015 for the first time since record-keeping of greenhouse gas levels began ( These suggests that burning of fossil fuels by humans have caused global CO2 concentrations to rise more than 102 parts per million since pre-industrial times. Rising concentrations of atmospheric CO2 is a key contributor to current global climate changes and there is worsening pollution as a result of fossil exploitation. As a consequence and in addition to recent high expectation for clean energy has given a new impetus for the production… Continue reading →

Call for 2014/15 MSc. and PhD Biotechnology intake!!!!!!!

Institute for Biotechnology Research (IBR) is pleased to inform all prospective postgraduate students (MSc and PhD) in the field of Biotechnology that April intake call is out. Interested applicants are advised to fill application form obtainable from JKUAT office of the Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS) or download from JKUAT website. For more details contact,The Director, BPS, JKUAT, Tel: 067-52711 Ext. 6114 (Mobile Phone: 0708-602-225; Email:, or

IBR SEMINAR(2nd October 2013): Progress towards developing Drought Tolerant Tropical Maize.

  Dr. Sylvester Anami, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Biotechnology Research, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and technology (JKUAT), will make a presentation on “Bioenergetics flexibility- as the basis for developing tropical maize lines with enhanced tolerance to drought and oxidative stresses”. VENUE: SCC 100  (JKUAT)                      TIME: 2.15 pm