Institute for Biotechnology Research (IBR)

The institute was established in 1994 and its mandate is to work closely with researchers and post graduate students from other departments, faculties, institutes, schools and collaborates with other scientists from other local research and international institutes.

With the advent of biotechnology there is a chance to redeem Africa from some of these problems. But this requires an appreciation of the promises and risks posed by biotechnology by both the scientific community in the continent and by the policy makers. Biotechnology is based on search for, and discovery of exploitable biology. This involves screening for desired attributes amongst diverse organisms and commercialization of the same. It is apparent that biotechnology if properly harnessed has the potential to affect every sector of the economy. The industries have realized that biotechnology is one of the key enabling technologies of our times and they are busy exploring biological systems in their operations. It is with this background in mind that the Institute of Biotechnology research in keeping with its mission introduces this M.Sc. in Biotechnology. The goal is to produce skilled scientists in all areas of biotechnology who will help harness the science for the benefit of humanity. Biotechnology will only benefit Kenya if we can develop biotechnology products of our own. Scientists trained under this program will contribute to the small pool of biotechnologists in the country.

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