Information for the New Students

NOTE: The University will be Officially on Break from 4th August after 5pm until 21st August 2017.

This information applies to Newly (Registered)Admitted and Continuing Students.

For Those Not Yet Registered:

For Admission Letters Matters/Application Queries Go to Jkuat Website under Contacts get Registrars (AA) or Customer Care office numbers, call and ask to inquire from them OR visit their offices at Administration Block A in Main Campus.

For Accommodation Queries Go to Jkuat Website under Contacts get the office numbers and ask for Halls Manager or Customer Care.

All Newly Admitted Students must first register with their Respective Departments during the Admission Week before starting or resuming classes.

All Students must update their Bio-data before Graduating. Access is through this admission system (Online Application and Admission Letters). Queries concerning Admission should be forwarded to ONLY and not any other email address. Also you can call the University through its Contacts and ask for Customer Care or Admission Registrar’s Office and be assisted.

Students in the Other Campuses apart from Main Campus, kindly Click here to get information meant for you. We do not deal with matters concerning students in Karen Campus and Nairobi CBD Campus. Kindly consult your respective Campus Administrators for that.

The rest of the students should read ALL the information given below before inquiring from or coming to the Students Admin Office. Once you have registered with your concerned department,you need to know your student email address which you will be using throughout your studies.Make sure you type your registration number exactly as printed on your admission letter.

KINDLY NOTE: Always be using your student email to make any queries concerning university services for verification purposes not personal email unless you are requesting for Student Email Password Reset/ Student email creation as indicated in problem No3. It is your Responsibility to Activate your email not the Admin Office.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1. To know your student email and how to access it, Kindly click on Activate Your Student Email link and follow exactly as per given Login instructions.OR On the University Website under Highlights you will see the link. NOTE: Whenever you forget your correct email address always go back to this first step.

Step 2. Once you get your student email, you need to login to the Student Portal for some of the services indicated on its login page.

Step 3: For the Postgraduate Students use e-resources credentials Exactly as indicated on its Login page.

For any portal issues, you should always forward your query to portal email address(not the Admin one) indicated on its login page using your student email address only for Verification Purposes.


Incase you experience a problem as stated below, respond exactly as indicated on each issue.

3. If you get error message “No Emails Details Found” at step 1;

Kindly send your full official names and correct registration number EXACTLY as printed on your admission letter to

4. If you get wrong email address/password OR email not recognized when accessing your student email;

Give your student email address and correct registration number to to have password reset or email created.

5. PORTAL: If you have the student email but get error message “wrong username or password” or “Error 500” Use your student email  indicating your registration number and the error message displayed to

6. Library Self Registration, you need to have your student email first then send request to their(library’s) email for the steps on how to go about it. Get their contacts from Library website. Better still you can visit the Library to be assisted by the Librarians.

Change of Course:

If you have changed your course, use registration number of the first course to access your details as the student email address does not change. Then send request to portal email provided on its login page using your student email to change the registration number to the new one.

If you still get error message do as per step 3.

Elearning (Online Common Units)

For the Main Campus Students, Go to Elearning Office next to COHRED building near Assembly Hall OR New Science Complex (NSC) 2nd Floor to have your login credentials created.