Mandate and functions

  • To train requisite human resources at both managerial and supervisory grades
  • To uplift the quality of education and training and managerial excellence
  • To develop appropriate programmes for specialized non-degree training in agricultural production, processing, technology and entrepreneurship
  • To promote both basic and applied research
  • To promote collaboration with small-scale industrialists for design and development of agricultural tools and agro-products

To be a Faculty of excellence in agricultural sciences

To produce leaders in training, research and innovation in Agricultural Sciences and Technology

Core Values

  • Quality: The Faculty shall offer quality training and quality-learning facilities to the satisfaction of her customers and stakeholders
  • Productivity and Team Work: The staff, students and alumni will promote optimum performance and team spirit to achieve the Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives of the Faculty
  • Transparency and Accountability:The Faculty shall uphold a culture of ethics, transparency and accountability in dealing with her stakeholders
  • Professionalism: The Faculty shall uphold high standards of expertise and professionalism, in everything she does
  • Innovation: The Faculty shall endeavor to utilize the latest, up to date and most appropriate technology in achieving her objectives
  • Integrity: The Faculty shall promote, uphold and sustain social and ethical responsibility
  • Self Development:The Faculty will endeavor to provide opportunities for self development to her staff and students