Objectives of the UwezoApp

  • To use a simple, structured and least cost approach to enable inclusion and access to finances by all eligible Kenyans especially youth and women businesses and enterprises at the constituency level for economic growth towards the realization of the goals of Vision 2030.
  • To support the Uwezo Fund model that fund community driven development.

 UwezoApp Services:

  1. Avail money to both women and youths at an equal rate in the form of grants and credit with no interest charged. Build capacity of youth and women through training and technical assistance.
  2. Distribute money at the Constituency Development Funds offices and managed by constituency committees on the ground.
  3. Receive proposals/applications
  4. publish reports
  5. Share information on Uwezo Fund
  6. Submit proposals/applications
  7. Receive funds
  8. Check proposal/application status
  9. support access

The UwezoApp uses maps to show details of every constituency in Kenya