1. Developing ICT Strategy based on MuL-Net Strategy framework.
2. Developing JamboApp


In Kenya there are so many tourist attraction areas such as the National Parks, Sceneries, and Museumsetc which bring large foreign exchange for the country. But you find that most tourist, both local and international do not know where exactly these places are located.In most cases tourists have a lot of cash that they have set aside for their trip but they don’t know how exactly to budget for it.The tourist end up either not visiting the area of their dreams or spending a lot since they will not know how to spend it in the best areas.

We also realized that there are very few sources of information about tourist attraction areas in Kenya. Most websites will not have comprehensive information about the areas. The tourist ends up doing so much research when they need to visit certain areas, which is quite tedious. This makes it quite discouraging for them reducing the possibilities for visiting major areas.Due to these, we decided to make the JamboBudgetandroid mobile application which is focused at consolidating all the major tourist attraction areas in Kenya. It shows the Major National Parks in Kenya, their location and approximated distance from the capital city, Nairobi. It also shows the Park fees of visiting these areas and some background information about the site. The application also links to the major Museum and Monuments sites, Sceneries and Hiking, Beaches  and other major places that people visit in Kenya. It also links to the Top Hotels sites with the cost of booking and a platform where a tourist can actually book a room in the hotel. This ensures that the tourist has a place to sleep while visiting.

Sustainability Model

The application is quite sustainable since it does not have any major expenses. The main costs would be time to develop,manpower involved and the research equipment used. The project does not need major resources since after it is developed and getting rights from the sites it is fetching information from then it has no more expenses. The major hotels that are featured in the application where the people book can pay once the application is popular. The hotels can also pay to get featured in case they are not among the top.This will act as the sustainability model for this project. This application can be recommended by major tourist attraction centers to the tourists who go there to visit and can be advertised on the major tourist websites.