Due to the rise in insecurity in Kenya, an amicable solution was needed to curb the problem. Also terrorist attacks on the nation have caused panic in the nation’s population hence most town dwellers are not partaking in their normal activities due to the fear of an imminent attack.Moreover the security/defence forces in Kenya are not proactive enough to provide adequate security especially to citizens who dwell in the municipalities. Their main response to a security threat is to deal with the blow-back after the attack has already occurred.Due to this predicament, the government decided to initiate a ‘NYUMBA KUMI’ initiative to deal with the myriad of attacks on Kenyan soil.This initiative is a proven method of security whereby neighbours and people living in close vicinity take care of their own security by doing their own intelligence research and reporting anything which seems to be unorthodox. Our application uses this initiative to enhance security by digitizing the ‘NYUMBA KUMI’ initiative and providing enhanced methods of communication between a person’s neighbours and the leader of the initiative which is either the chief or an elder in the location covered.

For a commercial application to thrive in this current market it must have the ability to sustain itself. This application is sustainable since in 2014 alone, 67% of the phones sold were smartphones hence they had the ability to run this application. With the increasing insecurities in Kenya this application will be downloaded numerously to curb the death of Kenyan lives. Also I recommend that this application should be adopted by the government due to the fact that the prevalent security measures that it has are clearly not fully functional hence this application might prove to be the solution of security issues in Kenya. Moreover the government should provide funding to host the infrastructure that the app would need to run fluently e.g. servers. Last but not least this application does not require any form of payment to use. This makes it very user friendly to the normal Kenyan citizen since it is a very economical application.


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