Graphine and Related Material (GRM) Research Group


GRMs are expected to have a major impact in several technological fields due to the new applications enabled by their properties such as potential electronic applications include high-frequency devices, touch screens, flexible and wearable devices, as well as ultrasensitive sensors, nano- electromechanical systems (NEMS), super-dense data storage, photonic devices, etc. In the energy field, applications include batteries and super capacitors to store and transport electrical power, and solar cells.

GRM research is an example of an emerging translational nanotechnology, where discoveries in laboratories are transferred to applications.  GRMs have the potential to makea profound impact: Integrating GRMs components with Si-based electronics, and gradually replacing Si in some applications, allows not only substantial performance improvements but,more importantly, new applications.

Research Areas:

  1. GRM study and characterization for application in innovating new electronic components comprising high frequency electronics, optoelectronics,spintronics and sensors.
  2. Integrating GRM components in Cloud Computing and Internet of Things ecosystem applications.
  3. Study environmental impact of GRMs. These studies will guide the safe design, production and manufacturing of GRMs, minimizing health and environment risks