July 2015• Presented and proposed to AFRICA ai-JAPAN Project for support/funding iCEOD to create a Nanotechnology Laboratory; increase ICT innovation, research and prototyping.
Mar-Jun 2016Trained JKUAT staff on Cloud and Open Data Platforms
• Designed Open Data-based model examples using Agriculture Data
Oct-Nov 2016• Trained on Scientific Visualization in Japan at Kyoto University
• Established collaboration with Kyoto University
July-Aug 2016• Trained 2 PhD students and 2 staff of JKUAT on Data Science in China sponsored by CODATA and Chinese Academy of Science
Mar 2017• Secured AFRICA ai JAPAN JICA Project to support iCEOD Director’s Office establishment
Sep 2016• Presented 4 research papers at the World Data Week Conference held in Denver USA
• Represented JKUAT at the CODATA AGM meeting in Denver and elected member of the Executive Committee.
• Established CODATA Agriculture Task Group-JKUAT(Lead), FAO, KALRO and KENET key members
Sept 2015• Participating in the Northern Corridor Integration Project- NCIP Consortium of Universities Consultancy on development of Human Resource Capacity Development Strategy for Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.
• Participated as part of resource team on Open Science and Open Data at Association of Commonwealth Universities Workshop in Kampala
• Organized and hosted GIS in Education Conference in partnership with Esri Eastern Africa, held at ICAD. Exhibited two mobile applications developed named UwezoApp and BeyondZeroApp that won the popular prize (see attachment).
• Organized and hosted IBM Mobile Application Certification training for students and staff
• iCEOD and SCIT jointly developed proposal on Eastern and Southern Africa Higher Education Centers of Excellence Project- ACE II to be funded by World Bank.
• Open data-based research is on-going
Nov- Dec 2016• Organized Hackathon for students Sponsored by JICA, CODATA and JKUAT
• Started Collaboration with COHES on establishment of an Interoperability Lab for Health sector in Kenya –USAID Project
• Received further funding support from IBM under SUR Grant towards Cloud Services for the open Data Project
• Won the Kenya Open Data Award 2016-Champions Category
Oct – Dec 2015• Organized and hosted IBM Cyber security training and certification for students and staff
• Developing ICT short courses required by NCIP project and the current market as a revenue stream for the university
• Open data-based research is on-going
Feb 2016• JKUAT open research data –JORD Policy was approved by the university Senate for implementation
• JKUAT appointed member of Kenya Inter-Agency Taskforce on Cyber Law development
Jan-Feb 2017• Established Innovative Open Data and Visualization (iODaV) Sub-Taskforce of AFRICA ai JAPAN Project
August 2015• Designed iCEOD Cloud Open Data Platform in consultation with IBM
• Organized and hosted Cloud Computing Workshop sponsored by IBM
• Drafted JKUAT Open Research Data (JORD) Policy in consultation with the CODATA International committee on policy.
• Represented JKUAT at Data Summit organized by Deputy President Office on Data Revolution for enabling the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). JKUAT now a member of the Agriculture and Climate Change Pillars of Kenyan SDGs
• Open data-based research is on-going
Apr-May 2017• Advertised and awarded JICA Innovation Grant to Staff and Students of JKUAT/PAUSTI
• Establishing collaboration with a Japanese KJS Company on Smart Learning in Kenya.