In November of 2013, the president launched the first Huduma Centre at GPO Nairobi, a "one-stop shop" to access and pay for government services electronically in order to cut corruption and bureaucracy. The centers as president Uhuru Kenyatta said, were as a result of public inefficiency that had bred corruption, wasted time and "cost billions". The center was a success, both in efficiency and in dealing with bureaucracy, recently even winning awards such as the African Association for Public Administration and Management Gold Award Trophy for innovative management in Public Administration and Management in Africa (Source: government set in motion plans to set up 22 more centers.As of now,  11 Huduma centers exist.

Some of the services offered at Huduma centres include renewal of drivers; licences, duplicate national identity cards, National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) registration and claims, HELB – Student Loan Application and Repayments,Registration of Welfare Groups, issuance of police abstracts, single business permit and stamp duty assessment and payments among others.Read more at:

1. Need for ability to track application online via mobile phone as its being processed at Huduma Centret.source:
2. Security:  As with all databases they need to be secured especially when linked to government databases, that contain very sensitive information.
3. Decongesting Huduma Centres: In Nairobi’s CBD Huduma Kenya Branch, a maximum of 400 ID applicants are served in a single day according to Customer Care Service agent report.