The Beyond Zero Campaign is an initiative by the First Lady, Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta to aid in the health problems of mothers and children around the country. Despite its commitment to maternal health care, Kenya continues to make slow progression with this regard. With a maternal mortality rate of 488 deaths per 100,000 live births, the country is off track in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goal numbers four and five by 2015. Kenya had committed to reduce these deaths to 147 per 100,000 live births by 2015.

In January 2014, Beyond Zero Foundation was formed to partner with the government in reducing maternal and child mortality.Spearheaded by The First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta, the Beyond Zero Campaign is part of the initiatives outlined in her strategic framework towards HIV control, promotion of maternal, new born and child health in Kenya.


One of the most common problems in not only the 3rd world but the whole world as a whole is a high number of maternal and infant health problems including even death. Many countries have taken measures to mitigate this situation, Kenya being one of them. However despite the commitment of the country's healthcare sector, the numbers tell that there is still much to be done. For instance, there are on average 488 deaths per 100000 births in the country. This number is still quite high.

In an attempt to remedy this, the Beyond Zero Foundation was formed in 2014 in partnership with the government. Led by the first lady, Mrs. Margret Kenyatta, the campaign aims to promote maternal, new born and child health in Kenya, at the same time controlling the prevalence of HIV. To do this, more than 20 mobile clinics have been delivered throughout the country, specifically in areas that have a hard time accessing medical services. These areas include: Taita Taveta, Samburu, Narok, Homabay, Baringo, Isiolo, Turkana, Marsabit, Wajir, Siaya, Kisii, Kitui, Kilifi, Kwale, Keiyo, Marakwet, Laikipia and many more.

The Beyond Zero foundation also enables any member of the society to participate in the campaign. It organizes annual marathons not just to reach more people but also to raise money for the cause. In addition to this, the Beyond Zero website ( provides a means to donate as little as one can as well as volunteer to offer any kind of service that would be beneficial to this cause.

Despite this impressive work, the modern day majority access the internet via their phones and tablets. A very small percentage actually uses computers on a daily basis. In addition to this, internet accessibility through computers in our country, especially in rural areas is more often than not nonexistent. It is because of this that we decided to create a mobile application for the Beyond Zero campaign that will run on any Android based mobile device. We also aim to provide an app that is simple, small, fast, easy to navigate and easy on the resources in the different mobile devices. This will effectively reach more people and in addition, streamline the whole process of registering, volunteering or donating to the Beyond Zero campaign by removing the hustle of finding the website and the clutter in the site that may hinder navigation to these specific functions.

As it is well known, Kenya is not that developed in terms of technology. If anything, it is in dire need of it. This is why we sort to come up with the application. Not many people have the resource of a computer at their disposal, and those that do, hardly have Internet connection. Our application is therefore an easier access point to the Beyond Zero Campaign website.If looked at critically, the website is rather too heavy for normal access on the phone, as well as on the computer. So our aim was to reduce the weight of the website into a smaller version of it, a mobile version. Weight in this case means the amount of data in display and the data needed for the features of the website to be shown as they were originally intended. All the facilities provided in the website are all in our application and those that need further approval, the application links one to the original site,hence the need for our application. With this app, many people can now visit the Beyond Zero Campaign website without much hustle thereby spreading the word’ since the campaign is all about helping mostly women and children in the society to reduce maternal death rates and the prevalence of HIV in Kenya.


One definition of sustainability is the ability to be sustainable. This means the ability to be used time after time, regardless of the changing circumstances. The Beyond Zero application employs this by:

First of all, compared to the main site, the app is considerably light, hence readily accessible to lots of people who require information from the site. Lightness or heaviness in this case means the amount of data that has to be fetched for a particular feature to appear as it is meant to appear. The application uses less data but still maintaining the correctness of the information being provided.

The application also has a very user-friendly interface thereby making it very easy to use. Navigating the application has been made really simple with the dropdown menu on the home page. This means that all one requires can be accessed directly from the homepage.

The application is also real time because all the relevant news and the changing information from the website have been linked directly so that any changes made in the website are also changed automatically in the application.

Since the application was developed using Worklight, it can be easily be made available to the iOS users because it heavily relies on web development because Worklight allows for cross-platforming.